Prioritize Your Pleasure

Pleasure is a wonderful feeling that deserves so much more emphasis than we commonly place on it.

Many people have been unfortunately conditioned to think of pleasure as an earned reward

rather than a routine activity. Making pleasure a priority is not an act of selfishness; rather, it is an 

expression of self-care. Jack and Jill Adult provides information below about learning to prioritize

your pleasure.

Begin the healing process…

Engaging in pleasurable activities, including achieving orgasm as often as possible, is therapeutic for the

body and mind. Laughter is truly a very potent healer so you should do it often and without reservation.

Sadly, the importance of pleasure is often underestimated by society as a whole. 

Embrace pleasure…

You are entitled to seek your own means of pleasure that make you happy. Pleasure is not a reward to

receive after satisfying responsibilities. Instead, it needs to be experienced while traveling on the road of 

everyday life. You have the right to enjoy all that you cherish and allow yourself to be showered with love.

Say “NO!” to nonsense… 

Give yourself the gift of basking in pleasure without experiencing guilt or shame. Cast aside any negative vibes

that may surface and focus your attention instead on fulfilling positivity. 

Find bliss in the little things…

Not everything must be monumental in order to provide you with pleasure. Delight in finding your happy 

place by following your heart, insignificant as it may seem to others. 

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