Powerful Toys Put You In Charge of Your Pleasure

In the age of highly sexualized Nicki Minaj songs and Tinder hookups, it’s a wonder why female masturbation remains so taboo. Even among close friends, the topic of vibrators and dildos can seem a bit, well, uncomfortable. If ever you’re feeling alone in a sea of happy relationships (which naturally remind you of all the sex you’re not having), there’s always one place you can feel completely normal: The Internet. And when it comes to shopping online for women’s sex toys, you’ll find thousands of devices ranging in price from 20 bucks to several hundred and from discreet pocket vibrators to dildos of every size and color. A quick sex-personality assessment will help narrow the scope and make your pleasure-search more manageable.

If you enjoy…

  • Quickies: You might appreciate a small purse-sized vibrator that can be easily packed away in a weekend staycation bag or hidden amid those pencil skirts for your next business trip. Forget novelty items disguised as lipstick cases as you can now find sleek, sophisticated vibrators that look like anything but what they are.
  • Shower sex: You don’t need a man to enjoy a steamy shower session. Go solo with the waterproof Muse Massager. It’s cute, it’s quiet and, according to multiple reviewers, can be attributed to multiple orgasms.
  • Good old fashioned missionary: Our advice is to find a popular multi-setting vibrator within your price range. If you’re clueless about women’s sex toys, find one within the $50-100 range with consistent reviews. Bonus points if the manufacturer offers a warranty since you’re typically unable to make returns (for obvious reasons).
  • Doggie style: So you’re no stranger to the elusive G-spot, huh? Try the Lelo Mona 2 for all the flexible positions for which your heart lusts. It has six stimulation modes, perfect curves and is completely waterproof.

Only you know what pushes your buttons, so find a device that works for your body and get to it! Your next orgasm is but one hot solo-session away and Jack and Jill can help you find what’s right for you.

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