Pocket Pussies 101: What Are They & How Do They Work?

What is a Pocket Pussy By PinkCherry


One type of male sex toy that has grown tremendously in popularity over the last few years is the pocket pussy. Now you may be thinking, “What is a pocket pussy?” Totally understandable, as not everyone is completely familiar with this up-and-coming toy. Luckily, this type of male masturbator has a pretty simple concept: it’s a sex toy used by people with penises for masturbation

Pocket pussies aren’t all that much different from other sleeves or stroker tools that you’ve seen before. Even so, they are becoming more and more popular because of how realistic they are and because of some of the newer materials that are being used.

Never used a pocket pussy? The great news is that you’re not alone! Let’s explore the pleasurable world of pocket pussies and find out how they can spice up your sex life!

What Is A Pocket Pussy?

A pocket pussy can also be called an artificial vagina. This is more of an ‘official’ term, but it’s not particularly sexy, hence pocket pussy! There are some other artificial vaginas out there, mostly used in the medical and veterinary fields, but the pocket pussy only has one real category and that is a sex toy. 

Of course, there are some other names as well, including a “portable vagina,” “pocket vagina,” “masturbation sleeve,” and even a “PP”. No matter what you call it, they are all the same thing. 

The pocket pussy comes in many different shapes and sizes including versions that have realistic labia, lots of detail, vibration options, etc. It is really up to you when it comes to what you want. Some will even have two openings for vaginal and anal sex. The options are endless!


What Is A Pocket Pussy Used For?

Pleasure, please! A pocket pussy is used as a masturbatory aid that people use to get off with. Some people will also use their pocket pussies as foreplay, but it is much more commonly used for a quick, reliable, great-feeling orgasm.


How Does A Pocket Pussy Work?

Pocket pussies are usually made of soft silicone or other soft, pliable material like a jelly. They’re shaped into a sleeve, or tube, with the ‘pussy’ portion at one end. You’ll insert your penis inside the inner sleeve or interior of your  pocket pussy and use your hand or hips to thrust or stroke. Most (almost all) pocket strokers have texture inside to make it feel even better. 

Sometimes, a pocket pussy will have a vibrator built into it, or it might come with an optional vibrating bullet or other small stimulator.

Some pocket pussies have been molded from the vaginas of porn stars, whereas others are a bit more generic. They come in a wide variety of skin tones if you like a more realistic touch or random colors such as blue or green.


What Is A Pocket Pussy Made Out Of?

Again, so many options! Pocket pussies are made out of different materials to help them feel like a realistic vagina and stay sturdy enough to use over and over again. Most come in a softer silicone, a lifelike TPE or TPR, PVC or a squeezable jelly. Before you select a pocket pussy, take a look at what it’s made from. Pick a material based on the type of sensation or appearance that you like, and as always, check for any type of material (usually latex) that you or your partner may be allergic to.

Remember that some materials are more porous than others, and you’ll need to know how to clean them safely and maintain them properly. Read the care instructions that come with your pocket pussy, or do a quick online search – there’s tons of helpful info out there. In any case, whether you plan to use your pocket pussy regularly or once in a blue moon,  you will always need to clean it before and after every use.


Do You Need Lube For a Pocket Pussy?

Lube is a beautiful thing! So, yes, you absolutely need to use lubricant with your pocket pussy. The material used, no matter what it is, will create friction with your skin whether you are thrusting or moving the pocket pussy with your hand. While it might feel nice at first, too much friction can eventually cause microtears on the toy and even irritation to the penis. Let’s avoid those things!

The good news is that you don’t need to use a lot of lube to use your pocket pussy, just a few drops. However, you can use more if you’re a “wetter is better” kind of person. It really just depends on your own personal sensual tastes. 

Want a little pro tip? Water based lube tends to be easier to clean up and works with a wider variety of toys.


A Few Things to Consider in A Pocket Pussy

Ready to buy? Well, before you purchase your new pleasure pal, there are a few things you will want to think about. Of course, you’re more than welcome to purchase more than one pocket pussy, and if you’re a stroker newbie, we recommend it! Once you’ve found your ideal pocket pussy type, it’s sometimes better to buy something high quality that you’ll enjoy for months and years to come. If you already have a fleshlight or a similar masturbation sleeve, you may want to get something that is a bit different.

So, before purchasing, be sure to consider the following:


1. What Size You Want

Size does matter! And there are a few things to consider when it comes to sizing. The first (and most obvious) thing you need to consider is your penis size. When shopping for a pocket pussy, you’ll notice a variety of sizes, although most are in the 6-8 inch range. That said, most stretch quite a bit, and will easily accommodate most penises. 


2. Consider the Materials Used

As mentioned, many pocket pussies are made out of real-feel materials. Even so, you want to think about the cleanup and how things will feel to you. Some people just don’t like the feeling of certain materials, especially on their more sensitive areas. So, make sure to get what feels natural and right to you!


3. What Extra Features Do You Want?

Extras can be fun! Of course, there are some extra features that you can get with your pocket pussy as well, including:

  • Texturing on the inside and outside
  • Additional anal opening
  • Warming
  • Vibration
  • Hands-free operation
  • Open ends
  • Different designs to look like porn star vaginas. 

So, are pocket pussies worth it? Buying a pocket pussy is an easy way to make your masturbation sessions feel unique, special, and much more satisfying, especially if you are single or in a long-distance relationship. You can even get similar toys that look like mouths or other objects depending on your pleasure preferences. So, experiment and have fun with your pocket pussy, because, in the end, she’s there to double your pleasure and triple the fun! For more tips on how to get the most out of your sex toy, check out our blog on how to use a pocket pussy for maximum pleasure.


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