Planning a Sex Scavenger Hunt with Jack and Jill Adult

If you spent some of your formative childhood years in groups such as Boy and Girl Scouts, then you might be familiar with the concept of a scavenger hunt. If so, then you probably have some nostalgia about the itemized lists and searching high and low to not only find all the items, but be the first to do so. Reaching adulthood means taking on responsibilities and outgrowing many of the pursuits and hobbies that made childhood memorable. However, being an adult also comes with certain advantages, especially of the naughty variety. 

If you’re familiar with Jack and Jill Adult, then you know all about our vast selection of toys made for ladies and gents. If you and yours are looking to add a little (or a lot) of spice into the batch, it might be time to partake in a sex scavenger hunt. It’s just like the one you took part in as a child…only the rewards and items are for mature audiences. 

Items to Set the Mood

  • A Place to Kiss
    • Location or body part, either works splendidly
  • A Place to Have Sex
    • Be as daring and adventurous as possible
  • Music to Set the Mood
    • Smooth Jazz or Death Metal—you decide. 
  • Items to Enhance the Experience
    • Candles and incense are always good, even some light perfume can create the right aroma.

Items to Look for to Enhance the Experience 

  • Under it All
  • Assume Nothing…Except the Position
    • While there might be a position the two of you favor most, find something new and un-tested.
  • Lube it Up
    • Lubes come in many styles, whether it’s tried and true or something new, this is one ingredient that guarantees excitement.
  • Blinded by Desire
    • Even if you’re not into the rougher side of things, a blindfold can heighten the senses and increase the pleasure.
  • Lick it Up
    • What good is a night of pleasure if all the senses aren’t teased and satisfied? Find something to lick off their body. You’ll thank us later. 
  • Talking up a Storm
    • In case you haven’t tried it before, some suggestive dialogue can really get things going…
  • Toys “r” Fun
    • There are many sex toys that can be used in a variety of ways. Stash a few around the room, with the winner choosing how they’re used.

All Your Items Await You at Jack and Jill Adult

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