Physical and Mental Health Adversely Affects Your Sex Life

In recent years, the overriding stigma that’s attached to mental health has been gradually lifted. While there’s still a lot of work to be done in educating the public and making afflictions such as depression and anxiety more normalized, there’s more of an understanding these days than ever before. Differentiating mental and physical health becomes difficult due to one being more visible than the other. The two aren’t as different as one might assume. 

Not So Different From One Another 

Physical and mental ailments both impact a person’s ability to function and possess a quality of life. Whether someone has contracted a condition such as diabetes or suffers from clinical depression, the necessity to get treatment and medication to correct the matter at hand is still necessary. Someone who takes insulin to regulate their blood sugar is no different from the patient who takes Prozac to correct the chemical imbalance of their brain. 

Impacting Libido and Desire 

Because there is little difference in physical and mental health, it should come as no surprise that both can have an adverse effect on your sex life. When one lacks the ability to perform or has the drive to do so, the first thought is that there must be something wrong with them. One thing that cannot be stressed enough is this– it isn’t your fault

Depression and other mental afflictions impact the chemistry of the human brain and have a direct effect on your libido. Studies have shown that low self-esteem, anxiety, have a direct link with various forms of erectile dysfunction and hinder libido. Both therapy and prescription medications can help. It should be noted that some medications can have an adverse effect and lower your sex drive even more, so talking with a medical professional about these issues is important. 

Physical ailments can have just as much an impact as a mental one. Some of the root causes of a weakened libido include elevated blood pressure and ongoing medical conditions (diabetes, cirrhosis, sleep deprivation.), and cardiovascular disease. 

What to Do If You Suspect a Problem 

Once again, a potential issue isn’t your fault. More importantly, solving the issue is a lot better than ignoring it in hopes it will go away. Talk with your partner and if you decide to pursue help, just remember that the medical profession is there to assist you and serve in your best interests. 

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