Niche Kink Toys for Couples and How to Play with Them

Kink and BDSM is an incredibly diverse world. Beyond the better known whips, chains, and ropes, there are nearly endless kinks, fetishes, and toys to explore. 

We wanted to share a few of the more niche kink toys from our collection with you. Perhaps one will strike a chord and they’ll inspire you to try something new with your partner or open up about a long-held desire? 

Chastity Cages

Chastity Cages

Chastity play is more popular than you might think!

“Why would I want to not be able to touch my bits?” you might be wondering. Well, giving someone else control over your sexual release is perhaps one of the most profound ways you can give them control over you. A chastity case physically prevents stimulation to your penis. Some cages also stop you getting an erection (or make it painful to do so). We love The Vice by Locked In Lust, an inescapable chastity cage. 

Don’t feel like you have to play for long periods of time. Even just locking yourself or your partner up for the length of a scene can be super hot. Why not lock up your lover and then perform a sexy striptease for them? Delicious torture! 

Electro Play Wand

Electro play sounds scarier than it actually is. In reality, it can create a wide range of sensations from the truly painful through to just a playful tickle. The Kink Stinger Electro Play Wand is a fun way to zap your partner safely, with adjustable settings meaning you can choose exactly how much intensity you want. 

The Kink Stinger gives an impressive crack and a visible spark, but shouldn’t leave any visible traces on your skin after play. 

Safety tip: never do electro play on the head, face, neck, chest or heart area, or any internal places. Electro play is also not safe for people with certain medical devices such as pacemakers. Always get professional advice if you’re not sure. 



Kinky medical play is nothing like going to the doctor in real life! If you’ve always wanted to be examined by a kinky gyno or a naughty nurse, a speculum can add a touch of authenticity to your roleplay. 

Rouge’s Stainless Steel Vaginal Speculum features a screw and ratchet that allow you to open it to the desired level. Take it slowly and use plenty of lube – speculum play can be surprisingly intense. 

Hot tip: try using a clitoral vibrator in conjunction with the speculum. This can produce a whole different type of orgasm! 

Full Hood

When you deprive someone of one sense, all the others heighten! So imagine how intense your play could be if you could neither see nor hear. A full hood removes some or all of your vision and hearing, allowing your nerves to awaken and making every touch feel that much more intense. 

We love Shots’ Ouch Submission Mask, which lets in just a hint of light and closes securely at the back with a zipper. It also has an opening for the mouth, so you can relax in the knowledge that the wearer will always be able to breathe freely. 


Something about the anonymity of hoods is also super hot to many people. Want to roleplay with your partner and imagine you’re hooking up with a sexy stranger? Sensory deprivation can help you suspend your disbelief and get into the fantasy. 


Dozens of little spikes running along your skin… does that sound sexy or scary? Don’t worry: pinwheels (also known as Wartenberg wheels) don’t break the skin. They stimulate your sensitive nerve endings as you roll them back and forth along all those sensitive places. Press lightly for a sensual tickle, or a little harder if your partner is a masochist. 

Pinwheels can be a fun part of a sensation play, pain play, or medical play scene. Why not run your pinwheel along your partner’s sensitive areas while challenging them to stay still? 

Vaginal Clamp 

Nipple clamps are fun, but nipples aren’t the only parts you can squeeze and please! With the Master Series Stainless Steel Pussy Clamp, you can tease and torment your lover’s most intimate areas while getting uninterrupted access to her vulva, vagina, and clit. 

Simply use the screws to tighten the device as much as they can handle. Then you can do other things… perhaps with the threat of punishment if the clamp falls off? Just remember that it hurts even more when you take it off and all the blood rushes back to the clamped area. 

Ass Expander

Anal Expander

Whether you’re new to exploring anal sex or just like a challenge, an anal expander can bring a new level to your butt play. Insert it and then, with a few pumps, inflate it to your desired level. Feel the delicious stretch by yourself, or use it on your submissive partner and take control of how full they’ll be tonight. Combining anal sex with clitoral or penis stimulation can make you come harder than you ever thought possible. 

Feeling really brave? Insert the ass expander and then go about the rest of your day. You’ll feel it stretching and stimulating you every time you move. 


Here’s what to remember when you explore new things: As always, remember that consent and safety must come first. Talk to your partner before you introduce anything new, and make sure they’re on board with it. Read up on how to do your chosen kink activity safely, and always follow the manufacturer’s safety instructions if you’re using any toys. And keep communicating all the way through to make sure you’re both still having fun. 

Now go forth, explore, and be kinky! 

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