Naughty In Nature: Your Summer Guide to Sex Outside

By now I think we are all well and truly feeling the pandemic “cabin fever” from self-isolation and quarantine. For many, this has meant not being able to connect with and be intimate with existing partners. For others, it means that dating and hooking ups have been off the table.

As the restrictions loosen and the rules become laxer, we may find ourselves venturing back into the wide world. Why not get acquainted with your local parks and nature reserves? All things considered, it seems likely that this may be the summer of outdoor sex!

Sex in nature is a summertime staple for the adventurous and the rebellious. But it’s also something that can be enjoyed by any two (or more) willing partners, provided you consider a few things in advance.

Here are some things to think about before getting down and dirty in the out of doors.

Consider the Risks

In general, public sex is frowned upon and illegal, making it a risky endeavor. How risky is up to you. Some people live for the thrill of possibly being caught, others just like the spontaneity of a good old fashioned quickie. Whatever your motivation, take the time to understand the risks in your area. Hefty fines and court appearances, or worse, may not be worth it. So make sure everyone involved is aware of the potential consequences.

Discretion Is Required

Regardless of how strict your local government is about getting it on outside, discretion is a must. While it’s reasonable to desire fresh air and sunshine on your skin while getting off, it is not reasonable, or okay, or permissible, to accidentally or on-purpose include passers-by. To “include” them isn’t about inviting them to join you. (I don’t recommend that either.) It’s about putting people in the unwitting position of seeing things they did not consent to see.

Exhibitionism is totally okay as a kink, but it is not ethical or acceptable to subject strangers to your whims. Choose a discreet location and be quick about it. You may think that stepping just off the hiking path is enough but have you considered the vantage point of other people coming down the trail? That handjob under a towel at the beach? Everyone can tell what you’re doing.

Some locations are more lenient and less likely to have minors present (nude beaches spring to mind). But that doesn’t give you free rein. Use common sense and don’t let your desire overrule your ethics.

Plan Ahead to Stay Safe

Plan Ahead to Stay SafeGetting naughty in nature doesn’t have to be a spontaneous event. In fact, a little bit of forethought can make it less of a stressful guessing game of whether or not you’ll be spotted. The more remote the location, the more time and privacy you’re likely to have, but the old adage “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” definitely applies to sex outside.

If you want great sex outdoors, make yourself a little kit of supplies to make it more comfortable.

  • Condoms/dental dams, wet wipes, and a little tube of lube are a great start. Depending on where and when you plan your outdoor fun, you may consider adding sunscreen, bug spray, and even basic first aid supplies.
  • Disinfectant wipes and adhesive bandages come in handy because cuts and scrapes do happen, especially when you’re bent over a log or getting friction burns from beach sand.
  • Sex toys can be a fun addition and can help things go faster. Think bullet vibes, small strokers, butt plugs, even collars and leashes.

The outdoor world is your oyster, just make sure that you’re being safe.

Make It A Picnic

Okay, so the outdoor activities you crave may not be a finger sandwich and checkered blanket kind of event. That doesn’t mean you need to go hungry. Pack an easy snack for after and make sure you stay well-hydrated! Much like any outdoor adventure, it’s essential that you not leave anything behind. Don’t be the sort of person that just tosses a condom into the underbrush or flicks a post-coital cigarette and starts a forest fire.


Whether you dream of a back alley blow job or ache to peg your beloved on the banks of a babbling brook, getting back to nature by having sex in the out of doors can be an exciting and erotic experience. Take the time to make some plans and consider the implications. And if you still feel randy at the thought of the summer breeze blowing past your privates, take the leap! Make it a summer you never forget by getting it on among the birds and the bees (and the flowers and the trees). Have fun, play safe, and always respect the space that you’re in.

Have you ever been naughty in nature? What was it like? Let us know down in the comments!

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