Men’s Sex Toys…Yes, They Exist

A stereotypical misconception is that while sex toys are a consistent seller on the adult market, they exist strictly for the female of the species. While it’s true that there’s no shortage of toys that are both stimulating and exciting, they’re not strictly made for just gender. The prospect of self-pleasure for the male limiting itself to a quick tug and depositing the after effects into a toilet or mound of tissue paper might be popular conception, but it isn’t reality. 

Toys are For the Guys, Too!

Now that we’ve eradicated the misconceptions from the conversation, we can begin to shed light on some of the toys that are made especially for men. No matter what your orientation might be, there’s something to help stimulate the experience of both self-love and the times you share with your partner

  • Strokers Easily the most known sex toy marketed to men. The stroker, also referred to as a “fleshlight” is a toy the simulates vaginal intercourse. There are also plenty of synthetic vaginal substitutions available for those who have grown tired of only using their hand when the time permits. 
  • Male Vibrators Earth shaking wands to produce pleasure aren’t just for one gender. There are quite a few male vibrators available that can simulate the same feeling one received from a blowjob, and when placed properly, these can cause stimulation to produce an instant erection. 
  • Cock Rings While the purpose of the cock ring is rather self-explanatory, their uses sometimes go undiscussed. A vibrating cock ring can apply much needed stimulation wither on your own or with your partner. It certainly gives new meaning to Beyonce’s lyric of “All the single ladies put a ring on it.” 
  • Butt Plug It should be stated that anal play doesn’t determine sexual orientation. Far from it, the butt plug when used correctly can greatly enhance the experience of vaginal intercourse. You’ll find yourself with an enriched erection and when you reach a climax, you’ll find your release is more potent than normal. 

Toys for Guys at Jack and Jill Adult 

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