Masturbation Techniques for Trans People

Masturbation for trans people can be difficult to maneuver. For some trans people, masturbation can lead to feelings of discomfort and gender dysphoria. Every person deserves to feel fulfilled and satisfied by their sex life, which is why we are sharing masturbation techniques for trans people.

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This guide is written for trans people who have not had gender-affirming bottom surgery. The wording in this guide addresses trans men and trans women, but non-binary, genderqueer, gender fluid, and trans people who identify outside of binary gender can use this guide as well. We understand there are countless words for our genitals and that some words are comfortable with some, while other words are not. For the sake of clarity, we will use medical terms for the genitals, such as penis and clitoris.

Trans women and people assigned male at birth can use a vibrator while masturbating for a satisfying experience. When using a vibrator, use lubrication and allow yourself to explore your body. Relax into the sensation to help yourself identify which areas of the body experience the most pleasure. You can try the vibration on your nipples, but those on hormone replacement therapy might have increased sensitivity in this area, so try this on a lower setting. You can also use a vibrator on your inner thighs and over the head of the penis. You can try wearing underwear to hold the penis against the bottom aimed towards the belly button, using the vibrator over the underwear.

Trans men and people assigned female at birth can try an adjustable cock ring when masturbating. Some trans men and people assigned female at birth may have an enlarged clitoris from hormone replacement therapy, so a cock ring can be worn around the clitoris to help blood become trapped, making the clitoris erect and hard. Other toys that can create this effect are toys designed with a sucking effect. When using these toys, attach your clitoris to the suction and use the toy as directed. Just release from the toy without hitting the quick release valve.

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