Make Your Gift to Each Other a Couples Sex Toy This Year

The holidays are fast approaching, and you’re likely making a gift list, checking it twice, and wondering what to get your significant other this year. Some couples buy a gift meant for both partners to enjoy like a new smart TV, tickets for a cruise (maybe not in 2020, though), something you’ll both get enjoyment out of. Why not make this year’s gift to each other a couple’s sex toy instead?

Why Sex Toys as a Gift?

Sex toys make an excellent gift at any time of year because you’re letting your partner (or a friend!) know that their sexual pleasure is important to you — and that it should be important to them. Other than the fact that you won’t be able to open this on your Zoom family call, there’s no reason not to buy a sex toy to enjoy together as a couple. But there are plenty of reasons to buy one:

  • Get out of a sexual rut or boring routine.
  • Try new things in the bedroom.
  • Make sex fun again.
  • Help each other get off in new ways.
  • Explore fantasies and kinks together.
  • Reconnect in more intimate ways.

You don’t want to spring a new sex toy on your partner with no warning, so either shop together or at least have a conversation about it before you buy anything. If you really want to surprise your partner, buy a gift card and add a note that you want to shop for a sex toy together at some point in the future.

Sex Toys That Make Great Couples Gifts

Every couple is different, so no single sex toy will work for everyone. Think about your mutual fantasies, the pleasure you already experience together, and what you both feel most curious about. If you’re not sure where to begin, consider some of these popular sex toys for couples.


A strap-on is just a dildo and harness. In many heterosexual relationships, it’s most often used for pegging. In relationships where neither partner has a penis, it gives both partners a way to indulge in penetrative sex. You can buy a dildo and harness separately or you can choose a kit with both items packaged together. Ultimately, the most important thing is to find what feels most comfortable for both partners.

Vibrating Sex Toys

So many sex toys vibrate — penis rings, masturbators, prostate massagers, body massagers. All can be used together in some way. Vibrating penis rings are great for penetrative sex with the D or a dildo. Standalone vibrators — masturbators, prostate massagers, bullet vibes, whatever — work wonders during intercourse or mutual masturbation. Finger vibrators may be the most stealth couples’ sex toy ever. Either partner can hold or wear it over their finger and touch the other. Wherever you touch, they get extra sensation. It can be the ultimate tease. The “perfect” vibrator for you both is whatever creates the sensation you both want to experience together.

We-Vibe Sex Toys

All We-Vibe sex toys also vibrate (it’s right there in the name) but what makes these toys perfect for couples is the app function. One partner places their toy against their body, while the other controls the sensations via the We-Connect app. It’s great for kinky play, long-distance relationships, or experimenting in bed. One We-Vibe toy made specifically for couples is the We-Vibe Chorus. Insert it into a partner’s vulva, and the other partner can feel the vibrations, too. You can also buy one toy for one partner and another toy for the other, and consider it a “couple’s gift” because you’ll enjoy them both in so many ways!

Bondage and Kink Gear

Too many people think of BDSM gear as separate from sex toys. While a blindfold might not lead directly to an orgasm, it can definitely get you turned on and ready for whatever sexy fun you both have planned. And when you use cuffs or bed restraints, you’re definitely playing. So yes, these are sex toys for couples. Use the holidays as the perfect excuse (not that you need one) to finally buy a bondage kit, a paddle, or a collar and leash to indulge your kinky fantasies.

Anything Anal

Butt plugs, anal probes, prostate massagers, anal beads – if it goes in your butt, it’s a great sex toy for couples interested in anal play and butt stuff. If you’re new, start with something small or buy a kit with toys of multiple sizes. Always buy plenty of lube when you buy an anal toy, too. There’s no such thing as too much lube when you’re new to anal. Once you start to play, go slowly, use lots of lube, and keep it fun. If either of you feels stressed about it, it’ll be harder to have a good time. Remember, anal supposed to be fun and pleasurable!


Anything can be a couple’s sex toy, and a sex toy can definitely be a gift you give yourselves for the holidays. It can also be your sexy little secret. If people wonder why you seem so happy at the start of 2021, you’ll know it’s because your sex life got so much better over the holidays.

Have you ever purchased a sex toy as a gift for your relationship? Do you think you’ll buy a toy this year? Let us know in the comments below!

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