Lelo Loki Wave Review

The decision to invest in a male prostate massager is an important one. They might promise to deliver an earth-shattering prostate orgasm, but as any toy enthusiast will tell you—not all adult toys are created equal. We, at Jack and Jill, have a wide variety of prostate toys with the Lelo Loki Wave Federal Blue Vibrator consistently topping our best-seller list.

Product Features

The Loki Wave features a double motor for internal and external pleasure with a silky soft finish and curved end for maximum comfort upon penetration. It’s portable but not exactly small—coming in at nearly 8 inches in length with 3.5 inches of insertion. Other notable features include:

  • Flared base for ease of handling and safety. With the Lelo Loki Wave, you can put your fears of a lost toy to rest. Go as deep as you’d like and take comfort in knowing the product won’t get stuck, unlike traditional dildos.
  • WaveMotion technology that simulates the “come hither” motion you’d make with your fingers. The shaft is designed to move back and forth between multiple adjustable speeds.
  • 10 vibration patterns that range in intensity to appease the curious newbie and cause the experienced prostate explorer to reach new heights during orgasm.

Waterproof (up to one meter in depth) for shower or bath time fun.

How to Use Prostate Toys

First, get familiar with your prostate in terms of where it’s located and how to stimulate it by reading Jack and Jill’s guide to prostate massagers. When you’re ready, apply a generous amount of lube to the Lelo Loki Wave and slowly insert it to your level of comfort. The easy-grip handle ensures a smooth manual ride while also providing a solid base for going hands-free. Draw inspiration from our favorite techniques:

  • Use it during masturbation. Insert the Loki Wave in a kneeling position then use either your trusted hand or a second male masturbator toy like a stroker. Once you get comfortable with insertion, try it lying down.
  • Explore your submissive side and share your fantasies of achieving a prostate orgasm with your lover. If the idea of seeing your wife or girlfriend wear a strap-on dildo turns you off, you still can enjoy a different variation of pegging.
  • Turn your fantasy into reality with a mix of oral sex and prostate play. There are no limits to the amount of sexual combinations you can conjure up with the Lelo Loki Wave and an enthusiastic partner.

Jack and Jill Adult Store

Keep shipping and billing discreet with Jack and Jill’s private ordering process. Your roommates don’t need to know about your love of prostate stimulation.

Have you tried prostate massage in the past? With or without a toy? Let us know down in the comments!

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