Leather & Fetish Clothing Tips

Diving into Leather & Fetish Clothing

  1. Fetish wear is an investment. Quality leather and latex clothing, if properly cared for, can last for years. Leather and latex are natural materials, and like your own skin, you need to clean and nourish your fetish wear to help retain its durability and texture.
  2. When selecting your outfit, make sure your clothing fits properly, especially at the joints.  Areas that feel tight will stretch out, but not in the most flattering ways.
  3. Cleansing wipes work wonders on your fetish wear, just be sure that the wipes are compatible with leather or latex.  Avoid abrasive cleaners for leather and oils for latex. 
  4. Prolonged sunlight will damage both leather and latex, so try to keep your fetish wear out of the sun for long periods of time.  Don’t leave them in your car, or let them hang outside to dry.
  5. Leather doesn’t fray like other materials, so you are able to cut your leather to fit without having to worry about hemming.  While leather is versatile in this way, latex should not be cut without a specialty latex cutting tool.
  6. For latex, there is no such thing as too much lube.  Lube your body with an unscented, unflavored lubricant prior to wearing your latex, to allow the material to slide on your body.  During the evening, make sure to reapply lube directly on to the latex to keep the material cool and flexible.
  7. New leather can be broken in with leather conditioner.  Simply apply the conditioner with your hands, work it in, and let it dry.  For new latex, use lube.  
  8. Perfume, cologne, hair spray, scented oil, nicotine and smoke is bad for your fetish wear.  These chemicals and oils quickly wear down latex and dry out leather, which leads to breakage and tearing.  
  9. Wearing fetish wear is an exercise in endurance.  Sometimes, you can’t cut it and other times, the clothes just can’t hold it together any longer.  Make sure that you bring a backup outfit to save yourself some embarrassment.
  10. After wearing latex, rinse out your outfit with warm water and a mild soap.  Once dry, sprinkle cornstarch liberally on both the inside and outside of the material to completely dry it out before storing.  For leather, use a leather conditioner to clean and keep your wear moisturized. 

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