Learning to Prioritize Your Pleasure

Let’s face it—life is incredibly stressful and full of moments that cause us nothing but grief. As we make the difficult and sometimes awkward journey from adolescence into adulthood, we’re told multiple times about how important it is to prioritize. While financial responsibilities, occupational obligations, and keeping commitments are always placed on top of the priorities list, essential self-care and our own needs are often conspicuous by their absence. 

Yes, it’s time to put your own needs among the most important in your life. For several years, there’s been a double standard that’s rigidly enforced and exists at the very heart of traditional gender roles. This of course is the pleasure brought about by self-pleasure as it relates to female sexuality. While sexuality has become a normalized part of our lives and is no longer the taboo subject it once was, female pleasure and masturbation still manage to threaten the fragile male psyche. But why? 

This can all be traced back to the typical gender roles that have existed through several generations and eventually became somewhat normalized. For centuries, women were often referred to as “the gentler sex” and expected to serve as domestic servants and conduits for reproduction. The thought of a woman embracing her own sexual desires and obtaining freedom from the same was just ludicrous. Sure, Don Juan, James Bond, and Casanova were all celebrated as libertine conquerors who shamelessly seduced and philandered their way into legend…but if a woman engaged in such behavior, terms like whore, slut, and harlot were tossed about with reckless abandon. 

That is, until now…

Taking Responsibility for Your Own Gratification 

While there has always been a puritanical element to the world we live in, it’s no longer the domineering force it once was. If you stray outside the confines of a monogamous relationship, you won’t be forced to wear a scarlet letter on your clothes. Societal expectations can loom over you like a rain cloud, and while controlling the weather might be out of your hands, for the time being, breaking free from them is a very real probability. 

The fact of the matter is this—self-denial of sexual gratification is nothing more than self-neglect. If you have a headache, you take an aspirin. If you want chocolate, you get a slice of cake. If you want to have your world rocked and your socks knocked off…then it’s time you recognize the need and take steps to alleviate it. The first step to this process is being honest with yourself and if possible, your partner. Your better half isn’t a mind reader. Being assertive with them and honest with yourself will help you achieve gratification much easier. 

Be Honest About What Moves You 

Another part of taking responsibility for your own gratification is recognizing what you’re attracted to, what turns you on, and what shuts you off. A problem that many individuals face is that they tend to think of kink and fetish as derogatory terms that infer negative connotations. Once again, this is a falsehood built by generations of puritanical conditioning. The fact of the matter is this—prioritizing your pleasure and taking responsibility for it means being realistic with your attractions and not living in a shell of self-deception. “To think own self be true.” 

Whatever activities that you partake in that are (a) legal (b) between yourself or a consenting party and (c) don’t harm or cause serious bodily harm to another are your business. By taking the path of responsibility and honesty you’ll also discover some new things about yourself that you might not have known about before. 

Learning to Love Yourself (And Yes, We Mean That Both Ways) 

There are many ways in which you can embark on a journey of self-discovery to tap into your sexuality. One of the best ways according to the experts is to take the time and learn to love yourself. We mean this in two ways, the first of which is the act of self-love. Or, as it’s often referred to in its proper term, masturbation. Despite the stigma that’s been attached to the act that we previously mentioned, masturbation is a completely normal part of the human experience and a healthy practice to boost mental health and wellness. Through a consistent habit of loving yourself, you’ll soon find out about the hidden corners of your sexuality. 

The other way in which we mean to apply the term is your self-image and how you view yourself. Sometimes referred to as “body positivity” this is learning to love what you see in the mirror. While this certainly seems easier said than done, it’s one of the most important aspects of prioritizing your pleasures. Like so much else, we’ve been conditioned to aspire to unrealistic standards of beauty, and failure to do so often leads to poor self-image. 

Your body is special, unique, and should always be treated as such. Whether it’s the act of self-love or the affectations lavished upon you from a consenting partner, your body is a temple that deserved to be revered and worshipped. This world has spent years placing unrealistic expectations upon you that are nearly impossible to live up to. At the end of the day, prioritizing your pleasures is exactly that—YOUR pleasures. Your wants and needs are what’s most important, talk to your partner and reiterate this, if they truly care about what matters to you, they’ll completely understand. 

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