Je Joue Mimi Clitoral Stimulator Review

When it comes to sex toys, sometimes simplicity is king. Or, you know, queen! While there are plenty of clit stimulators on the market, many are cheap and comprised of weak materials that pretty much guarantee a malfunction after several uses. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for.
So, what’s our pick for clit sex toy of the year? The Je Joue Mimi Clitoral Stimulator. It’s sleek, it’s versatile, and it’s going to get you off one way or another.

Introduction to Je Joue

For newbies, the clit stimulator of choice is usually a small silver bullet; but when you’re ready to upgrade to a lifelong bedroom investment, the Je Joue Mimi Clitoral Stimulator gives you a wide range of vibrating pulses to satisfy your needs whether you require merely a soft touch or direct, firm pressure.

Here’s what to expect when it arrives on your doorstep.

Product Details

Packaging: Like all Jack and Jill products, your clit stimulator will arrive in discreet packaging. The outer box is a lovely fuscia package with a black box inside that houses the toy, information booklet, and charger. Beautiful and sophisticated—you can tell from the get-go you’ve invested in a “grown-up” clit sex toy.

Design: The Je Joue is egg-shaped and comes in a fuscia tone. It’s completely rounded and non-porous—indicative of its superior quality and hygienic standards. Simply clean with warm soap and water or use a sex toy cleaner for proper sanitation between partners. The tip is used for direct clitoral stimulation; however, for a broader approach, simply use the side of the toy on your labia—or anywhere you prefer to feel a warm buzz.

Functions: Trust us when we say the Je Joue Mimi Clitoral Stimulator will do a number on not only your clit, but your inner and outer lips as well. On one end, the plus and minus buttons control the intensity of your vibrations. The middle button regulates the pulsating pattern that is easily changeable from minute to minute—session to session. It’s also fully rechargeable so you never have to worry about finding those tiny batteries they only sell in the obscure electronics section of your local store. Simply plug the USB cord into your computer or cell phone adapter and within about two hours you’ll be ready for an equal amount of play.

Suggestions for Use

  • Bring it into the tub. Like any sex toy worth its weight, the Je Joue Mimi Clitoral Stimulator is waterproof to the point of submersion for an intimate bath alone or a sexy morning shower with your lover.
  • Flip the script and use it on his balls for powerful vibrations that will get him hard and keep him hard. The same goes for his perineum.
  • Surprise your straight or lesbian partner by gifting her the Je Joue to use on herself or with the two of you. Get it nice and wet with water-based lube and try a little nipple play.

Jack and Jill

We might be biased over here at Jack and Jill, but all we’ll say is that it’s a best seller for a reason. Sometimes you just need a no-nonsense clit orgasm. The Je Joue Mimi Clitoral Stimulator has the vibrating options to lead you down the path to ecstasy.

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