Is Stress Interfering with Your Libido

Is stress killing your libido? Don’t let it prevent you from getting what you need in the bedroom. Learn to keep stressors at bay with the following tips from Jack and Jill.

1. Meditate. When you practice mindfulness, you become more in tune with your needs—physically, emotionally and sexually. It’s not always easy to set aside time, but a simple morning routine can leave you feeling recharged and focused on the present—a winning combination for sex.

2. Masturbate. Jack and Jill has electronic “stress relievers” in all shapes and sizes. Release those feel-good chemicals by bringing yourself to climax with one of our top sellers:

  • The Womanizer Pro – If a packed schedule has you stressed and short on time, consider investing in The Womanizer. This clit sex toy allows for portable hands-free clitoral stimulation that feels just like real sucking. Prefer more intensity? You have eight different vibration patterns from which to choose.
  • The Original Magic Wand – Solo sessions need foreplay too! Use the Magic Wand on your non-genital erogenous zones while simultaneously giving yourself a massage for deep relaxation. When you’re ready to go, move the wand down to your clit and let intense vibrations deliver jolts of pleasure throughout your entire body. Stress? What stress?
  • The Fleshlight Surge Pink Lady – Men in need of release are always satisfied after a go at the classic Fleshlight. Comprised of SuperSkin material, this discreet compact toy feels just like a vagina. Best of all, it’s ready at a moment’s notice whenever you need a personal midday libido boost.

3. Take a bath. We’ll even count it as meditation. Light candles, have a glass of wine—allow yourself at least 30 minutes of “me time” to relax in a warm tub of bubbles. Extra credit if you let your hands wander or skip straight to a sexy shower with a waterproof sex toy. We like the O Boy 7 Speed Prostate Stimulator for men.

4. Talk it out. It might seem easier to keep emotions bottled up, but there’s no bigger relationship killer than lack of communication. Allow your partner to be your sounding board. If your stress is a result of lackluster sex, try talking about it in a non-sexual setting. Be open to each other’s needs and fantasies—they just might fix that low libido.

Jack and Jill

Because stress can either hinder or fuel your sex drive, keep in mind that orgasms actually decrease stress due to the release of oxytocin. So even if you’re not in the mood, try initiating anyway and see if you don’t feel more relaxed after a good romp. Top quality sex toys from Jack and Jill are a surefire way to jumpstart the libido.

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