Is My Dick Too Small?

When you find yourself asking this question, there’s a fifty percent chance that the answer is yes and a fifty percent chance the answer is no, depending on who you ask. Opinions are like noses; almost everyone has one, whether they care to talk about it, or not. I can only answer from a female’s perspective that there are times when a dick can be too big, believe it or not, and if a guy has a small penis, there are many ways to make someone orgasm. Sex toys are one way.

On Genital Sizes

When it comes to dick size, there is no universal answer, as just like when it comes to vaginal size, not all are created equal. While some people think a small chick has a tight snatch and bigger girls have more giant vaginas, that is not always true. I have met tiny ladies with blown-out sloppy vaginas, just like I have met many a big girl with a tight one.

Defying the Odds

That being said, one of the most enormous dicks I ever had inside of me was from a tiny guy that you’d never suspect was packing such a massive surprise, and one of the smallest belonged to a massive guy that looked like he had eaten his former self. That means, if you would have judged by shoe size or height, you’d been utterly wrong by guessing the penis sizes. Further, I had a guy whose dick was so large that we tried with as much lube as we could slop in there, and so many different positions, but I could not fit his penis inside of me no matter what.

Small Penis Story

When I was younger, I met a guy who had spina bifida, and as a result, he had a very small penis, smaller than my pinkie finger when hard. He was the one who proved to me very early on that size did not matter, as he had so many tricks up his sleeve to blow my mind; I honestly did not care that he had a less-than-average penis size. When it comes to making me orgasm, it does not matter if it’s penetrative sex, so much as it is simply sexual satisfaction that has this woman orgasm, as I can only share my sex life.

An Orgasm, Please

It’s not necessarily about being in doggy style or any other sex positions so much as knowing how to create sexual satisfaction, as that’s really what a healthy sex life is all about. It does not matter about the flaccid length or if someone has a tiny penis, but can you make me orgasm to the point that my toes tingle and my mind blows, even if you have erectile dysfunction? Women do not have to have a certain erect penis length to make me cum, so why does my partner’s penis have to be a specific size on a tape measure for pleasure?

Will Not Fit

Don’t get me wrong, as there is a time and a place for a larger penis, but large penises can also be painful, believe it or not. As mentioned, there are times that no matter how horny you are and how hard you try, if it’s too big, it simply will not fit in the hole, which renders it useless. It does not matter about accurate measurement if it’s too big to do anything with, as it simply will not fit, which is not the vast majority of people, but too large of dildoes don’t fit either.

Girth and Length

Most men are under the impression that all women want these massive cocks, but in reality, the girth can be too big, or the length could hit hard and cause pelvic pain in women. It’s normal to believe the media hype that everyone wants whatever they want you to believe. Still, in reality, there are guys with too massive of dicks in the first place shopping for pills to try to make themselves bigger, not realizing they’re too big to start with! No, we do not need to shop in the Magnum section, or I will have problems walking.

With Pelvic Injuries

I have had serious pelvic injuries, and if my partner’s penis size is too big, it hurts. Sure, it’s probably my fault for jumping off a mountain in West Virginia, being told I would never walk again or have children when I had the accident at 19. While I was able to prove doctors wrong on the walking part, I do not have kids and have multiple pelvic issues. There are times when even an orgasm is too much, and I will have to tap out for a moment as my hips or legs freeze up, my muscles cramp, or it feels like an ice pick is stabbing into my pelvis.

On Selfish Partners

It’s hard to find a partner with the perfect penis size, as you don’t want it to be too big to the point that it causes pain, but you want them to be able to give you an orgasm. Not everyone is willing to put in the extra work to find out the various ways to bring their partner to orgasm, no matter the size of their genitals. Some people are selfish, and there’s nothing worse than finding someone whose key fits your lock perfectly, but they are unwilling to use it to bring you to orgasm, as they only turned the key part of the way and came all over.

Two-Pump Chumps

When you’re with a two-pump chump who is only out for their satisfaction, it does not matter how big or small their penis size is, as they are probably not getting a second round. If you cannot get me off and do not seem interested in getting me off, once is more than enough, no matter if it’s smaller penises or larger penises; no orgasm, not worth trying again. That might make me sound like the selfish partner here, but if I am willing to try to get my partner off, I can only expect the same in return, as things should be give and take in bed.

The Magic Measurement

If you are wasting time measuring your penis, there is no magic number to hope to hit, sorry. Instead, try a systematic review of your sexual satisfaction techniques, from oral to bondage, and bring in a plethora of sex toys. If you are convinced that you have a small penis, there’s a lovely invention called penis extension, so don’t have low self-esteem. Penis extensions are great.

The Best Sex

Some of the best sex I had was with my partner, who had the smallest penis and was considered a micro penis, as he was willing to explore more sexually than most. He was the one who broke my cherry into anal, showing me there are a million ways to get off anally. Sprinkle a few bondage sessions with that, tantalizing the senses with feathers, ice, and hot candle wax, and getting strapped in, chained up, and spun around into disorientation and pleasure.

Willing to Please

There’s no correct way to judge a penis size, no matter what anyone tries to tell you, but there is a way to judge if a partner is willing to go above and beyond to please you. I wish guys could figure this out, as women can get each other off orally, with no penis involved. Most women do not carry around a tape measure to measure their clit or their penis, so why should guys be so concerned about their penis size that it keeps them up at night with anxiety, pondering how their penis size compares to other men and their penis sizes?

Research Partner Pleasing

The second to the last guy that I was with was overly concerned about his penis size, convinced that he was smaller than usual when he was average. Convinced of size matter, he researched a tip, or more than a few, on how to make women cum. When he went to finger me, my eyes grew wide with surprise, feeling sensations I had not felt when being fingered by other men before, to which he smiled sheepishly and didn’t want to admit but did: “I watched a lot of Youtube videos on the best ways to please women.”

The Technique Matters

Personal experiences like that make me say that size does not matter so much as technique. If you desire to make someone cum, to the point that you research it and try to put it into action, then penis size does not matter. There are so many oral and finger techniques out there, with multiple holes available, that can affect whether I cum or not, as it’s more impressive to me if you can make me cum without even taking my clothes off, honestly.

Make Me Cum

Give me a good massage and make me cum, before either of us gets fully naked. Can you touch my body in random areas and bring me to orgasm, places other than my ass or vagina? When you can accomplish that, the measuring tape does not matter, nor does girth.

Being a Tease

On the topic of oral sex, I would, hands down, every day of the week rather give a blowjob to a guy with a smaller penis than some oversized dick I cannot even fit inside of my mouth. It seems like the bigger the penis, the more they want you to try to fit in your mouth, but when you have TMJ, that’s just not working for more than 30 seconds at a time, sorry. Guys with large penises can start complaining about me being a tease now, but it’s hard to please a guy with a massive member when your jaw is throbbing and cannot be open any wider.

Are They Bullies?

Small is in the eyes of the beholder of the penis. If you go to the public bathing house, and others are pointing and laughing, is it a too small thing, or are they bullies? You can have a penis larger than Johnny Holmes, but if someone is mean, they will still call it small.

Threatening Penis Size

Sometimes, people have penis envy, as they catch a glimpse of a penis bigger than theirs, so they want to try to put that person down, as they feel threatened by the size of their penis. My mom said, “the old-time unics never cared about penis size, did they?” The moral of the story is just because someone says you have a small penis; they might just be trying to pick on typical male insecurities to make themselves feel better, as they are simply bullies.

Instead of obsessing over your penis size, take this girl’s advice, and learn ways to heighten the senses before you even get naked. Learn the erotic zones, places to touch that are erogenous, as it’s not all about the buried penis or having a large penis; it’s more about having a satisfying sex life, not the erect length, the flaccid penis average length, or any of the silly measurement that you might have thought mattered. What matters to me is if you can make me orgasm, not how, as I don’t care if it’s orally, vaginally, anally, or with an erotic massage, so much as you make me cum enough to relax and forget about my stress.

Sexual Arousal Areas

I don’t care if you have a webbed penis or a trapped penis, as I have scar tissue from my accident and am open to other areas of sexual arousal. I like to orgasm as much as the next person, and I am open to exploring whatever avenues there are for making myself cum, as well as making my partner ejaculate. It’s not about size so much as having fun and enjoying it.

All of this may be self-reported, but learn from my experiences and believe what I tell you. Stop worrying about your dick size, and start worrying about ways to bring a person to orgasm above and beyond the typical penetrative sex, as there are several ways to bring about sexual satisfaction. Stop considering cosmetic surgery and do some sexual research.

Instead of researching the average penis size and obsessing over what an average penis size should be or what the best erect penis length is, stop looking up the average penis sizes and check out some of my books. The sizes and shapes of female and male breasts and nipples can vary even more than the sizes and shapes of penises from different cultures around the globe.

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