Is Bigger Always Better? The Real Truth About Big Penises

What’s not to love about a big penis? It’s sexy, it’s satisfying, it’s swoon-worthy. But when does big become too big? You might be used to a colossal penis, but not all women are.

Ladies who prefer the midsize sedan to the Hummer – we get you. It’s not the size that counts but how he’s working it, right? In fact, bigger isn’t always better. A large penis can hurt – a lot. A big D can also limit your overall sexual experience. It makes oral all the more challenging and anal damn near impossible. While we’re certain your man has zero qualms about having a large penis, what he should care about is your pleasure – especially when sex hurts.

So, how do you both deal? Thankfully, there’s more than one way to climb a mountain. Let’s start with the basics.

Choosing the best lube for sex

Having the right lubricant is important in ensuring you’re comfortable with your well-endowed lover. Strangers to lube might mistakenly assume they don’t need it as long as their man is engaging in enough foreplay. You’re wet, you’re ready. You don’t see a problem.

Not so fast.

Are you wet enough? Your vagina is roughly 3-4 inches in length. When you’re aroused, it can accommodate an extra 2-3 inches. This is because your uterus moves upward, allowing more room for him to enter when you’re ready to go. In a perfect world, you’d simply slow down and resort to more foreplay when experiencing pain upon penetration.

But we’re not talking about a perfect world. We’re talking about being so horny you want him now. Thus, the need for lube.

The best lube for women is one that’s water-based (as opposed to silicone- or oil-based). Astroglide gives a good breakdown of lubricants if you need a quick introduction.

Here are some of our favorites, all of them highly recommended:

Pjur Original Bodyglide Silicone Lubricant
Smooth and Slick Water Based Lubricant
Moist Flavored Water Based Personal Lubricant
Mood Lube Water Based Lubricant

Choosing the best position for sex

When it comes to positions and techniques, you probably already know what you like. But if you’re handling a larger-than-normal penis for the first time, it’s going to feel like your first time. You’re going to be relearning sex. It’s not the worst problem to have, but it could be difficult and frustrating at first.

Get creative with these tips:

Learn your body. You might think you know everything there is to know about your vagina, until a big penis comes along and teaches you a hard lesson. Why does it hurt? What is he hitting? (Spoiler alert: it’s your cervix.)
Once you better understand your anatomy and stages of arousal, you can understand how to position yourself for pain-free sex. For example, you might try being on top in order to control the rhythm and depth of his penetration.
You might take pride in going hands-free, but you’ll want to rethink that strategy when performing oral on a guy with a huge penis. Use your hands, a vibrator, or penis rings and you’ll both finish happily.

Jack and Jill

When you’ve tried everything and his size remains a problem, your friends at Jack and Jill recommend scheduling an appointment with your gynecologist. There may be a legitimate medical reason for vaginal dryness such as an unfortunate side effect of prescription, including birth control. At the very least, talk to your partner. We can’t stress this enough – and that goes for any sex-related issue!

Did you learn anything about penis size here? Or about lube? Share in the comments below!

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