Introducing Toys into Your Sex Life

You outgrew the sandbox several years ago. Your yellow rubber ducky outlived its usefulness. However, that’s not to say that there aren’t toys for the big girls and boys. You and your partner share a great deal together. Aside from responsibilities and trust, your sex life is something that’s truly wonderful and can always benefit from a little bit of spice into the batch. That’s where toys can revitalize and energize your nights of passion like never before. We’ve compiled some tips (no pun intended) to help you get started. 

Break the Stigma!

The prospect of bringing some toys into the picture is not something to be ashamed of. While generations of puritanical conditioning have dissipated greatly, sexuality still carries the last few gasps of the old stigma. It’s not taboo, and what you’re proposing is essential for you and your partners sexual health. 

Communication is Key  

It’s probably not a good idea to whip out a vibrator in front of your partner one night and expect things to fall into place on the spot. Spontaneity can be a good thing, but not here. Talk about why you think the introduction of toys could be beneficial. Ask opinions. Keep a healthy dialogue of what you would like to try. And remember—there’s nothing more important than consent. If someone isn’t comfortable, then don’t push the issue, they may not be ready. 

The Couple That Shops Together Stays Together

Once the two of you have decided that the introduction of some toys will spice up your nights, it might be time to find the perfect ones that fit. (Again, no pun intended.) Shopping and looking at various ones together will help solidify the experience between the two of you. Choosing something so intimate together is half the fun, and the other half? Well…

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