Ideal Sex Toys for Solo Use

Living in a world where sexuality is no longer taboo and can be discussed openly among one another is truly one of the greatest benefits that the modern world affords us. With this openness regarding sexuality, it makes perfect sense that we remove the generations old stigma that’s attached itself to masturbation. Despite what the puritanical upbringing of many attempted to convey, the act of self-love is healthy, and a very normal part of the human experience. 

Naturally, there are plenty of adult toys that are specifically made to enhance pleasure in the bedroom. And while there’s much to be said about toys that make the nights with you and your partner memorable, we’re here to discuss a different type of toy—one made for self-love. These are toys for individual use, and you’ll see why tea for one can be very satisfying. 

The Lady of the House and Her Secret

When the doors are closed and the lights go out, a lady is allowed to enjoy herself at her discretion. Naturally, much has been made of various sex toys used as masturbatory aids. Some items that a lady might keep from prying eyes are rabbit vibrators and clitoris teasers. They’re small, easy to hide away and even carry. When you need a quick one while he’s away, these can certainly satisfy your libido in a pinch. 

A Gentleman Never Tells

While they’re not marketed as widely as the toys ladies use, there are in fact, toys that are made specifically just for the guys. The most common of these are strokers, most notably the flesh light. A prosthetic vagina made from life-like latex can also provide substantial pleasure when the man of the house finds himself alone. While his fragile ego might not admit it, he might also have several toys for anal play, as well as a few choice items to stimulate his prostate. 

The Best Toys are at Jack and Jill Adult

Privacy is important. Whether it’s in the bedroom away from prying eyes, or discretion and anonymity when ordering items to enhance pleasure in your self-love. Jack and Jill Adult offers both, the best deals and top brands delivered to your door. Quick, discreet, and between the sheets. For toys that stimulate the senses and much more, head on over to Jackandjilladult.com

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