How Your Fantasies Make Your Masturbator Feel Even Better

Masturbation can sometimes feel like a job, even when you use a sex toy you really like to get yourself off. You have an urge or you’re bored, and you jack off. It’s not something you think much about or have any specific feelings about. It’s a thing you do.

But when you use your favorite masturbator, your orgasm shouldn’t feel like just another thing to check off a list. This is a moment to focus on what feels good. When you let your imagination go wild and indulge in your sexual fantasies, you increase your pleasure in multiple ways.

Not sure what we mean? Here’s how your fantasies can make your favorite stroker feel even better.

You’re Not Alone

When you’re using a stroker to get off, you’re most likely alone. Sometimes that’s exactly what you want — a few minutes of quiet pleasure. But sometimes being alone while you masturbate just reminds you that you’re single. If you’re craving something beyond the same old utilitarian orgasm, choose a masturbator that is designed to feel like a real vagina, mouth, or booty. That way you can close your eyes and imagine that you’re anything but alone.

Think about how your fantasy lover would touch you. Imagine what you’d say as you pound them over and over again. You can be a sweet, gentle lover or a kinky freaky who says filthy things. It’s okay because it’s all just a fantasy.

Indulge a Threesome Fantasy

This might be the moment you finally bring your stroker into bed with your partner. Reassure them your stroker isn’t a replacement for them, and talk to them about how you’d like to indulge in your fantasies with them. Believe it or not, your masturbator may be perfect for the threesome you’ve talked about but haven’t found the right person to explore it with.

What can you do with your partner while you use a stroker?

  • Let them penetrate you — with a dildo or a penis while you stroke
  • Give them oral sex while you use your toy
  • Indulge in other sensations or kinky fun while you pound your stroker

Have a Bit of Kinky Fun

Kinky can mean so many things to different people, but if you’re the type of person who would love to let your partner take control during sex, your masturbator can play a big role in this fantasy. Instead of giving you a handjob or a blowjob, your partner could use your stroker on you while you’re bound to the bed. Maybe you’re even blindfolded. You’re not in control of anything and don’t know when you’ll get off or how they’ll touch you next.

Some people like a bit of humiliation play, too. If that’s you, your partner might tell you that you’re not worthy of a real mouth, vagina, butt, so you have to make do with a fake one. If it sounds hot to you, talk to your partner about how to incorporate your stroker into your kinky fantasies.

Add Realism to Any Fantasy

Ultimately, your masturbator can add a level of realism to any fantasy. Strokers designed from real bodies can help you imagine that you’ve got a real, live partner wrapped around your shaft. This is exactly what you need when your hand gets boring, and you want something beyond your typical orgasm.

With so many styles of stroker to choose, you can have a different toy for any situation. Blowjob strokers, anal strokers, foot strokers, vaginas, even boobs — no matter what you’re craving, there’s a masturbator for you. And, if you’ve got some sci-fi fantasies, you can even find out-of-this-world strokers so even that wild fantasy feels a little more “real.”


You don’t have to have a big imagination to indulge your sexual cravings, but it doesn’t hurt, either. If your imagination can’t get past the feeling of your own hand, it’s time to add a new stroker into the fun. No matter which kind you choose, it can make your fantasies and your orgasms better than ever. At Jack and Jill Adult toy store, we have every masturbator you can imagine — and a few you never thought possible.

How do you like to play with your favorite stroker? Share in comments below!

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