How to Use a Masturbator and Why You Need One

Masturbating with a stroker might not seem complicated, but it’s never good to assume anything. Even if it seems obvious, if you miss crucial steps, you could end up with the sex toy equivalent of rug burn on your penis. No one wants that.

Beyond how easy they are to use, there are plenty of good reasons why you should get yourself at least one masturbator. There are a lot of benefits to having and using sex toys on a regular basis.

Using a Masturbator: Step by Step

Using a Pocket Pussy: Step by Step

So you’ve got your first stroker. Now what? Yes, it seems obvious, but there are a few steps that guys often miss which makes the experience less than amazing.

  • Give it a quick rinse. This is a good reason to always wash your masturbation sleeve after each use. If you can’t remember cleaning it, wash it thoroughly. If it seems clean but it’s been shoved in a drawer or on a shelf, give it a quick rinse to get the dust off.
  • Add water-based lube. Place a few drops on the opening of your stroker but also add lube to your penis. This will make sure you glide into the toy easily and with less friction.
  • Slowly insert your penis. This isn’t a race, and a bent shaft isn’t fun. This also helps you enjoy the sensations on the inside of the sleeve as well as the tightness of the opening.
  • Turn it on. This tip only works if you have a vibrating stroker. (Yes, those exist, and they’re great!)

Beyond this point, it’s fairly obvious what to do. But even that has variations you might not have thought of. You can work your hand up and down, so it’s like any other time you’ve jacked off. But you can also move your hips and hold your hand steady, and pretend you’re doing a partner and having the best sex of your life. You can even make your stroker a kinky sex toy and ask your partner to control the pace and enjoy it together. There’s no right way to play with a masturbator.

What a Masturbator Can Do For You

What a Pocket Pussy Can Do For You

Besides the obvious “to get off” there are plenty of reasons to try a stroker or any other sex toy for men.

Make masturbation exciting again. It’s okay to get bored with your typical masturbation routine. But if you’re so bored you don’t even want to do it, that’s a problem. A fun masturbator can make a big difference.

Get off in a whole new way. Sex toys don’t replace anything, but they can enhance everything. Speeding up, slow down, or using different toys with texture creates new sensations. This helps you get off, but it also adds excitement and novelty to your usual orgasm.

Learn to play with your orgasm. Jacking off has multiple uses, the most common is to “get off as fast as possible.” But that’s not always the best way to orgasm. Using a masturbation sleeve lets you play with your own pleasure — slowing down, edging yourself, finding out how much you can take. 

Learn what sensations and fantasies you like best. You probably masturbate when you’re bored or when you’re tense. But do you ever do it just to feel good and fantasize? You can do this with a basic or porn star stroker. Look for different textures, openings, and styles. Figure out what you like and what you don’t. When you do, that translates into knowing what works for you in other parts of your sex life.

Get comfortable with new experiences. It’s okay to like routine and the same things over and over again. But if you get stuck in that rut, everything gets boring including sex. Using a masturbation stroker or sleeve gets you to try something new. Once you do, you might be surprised at how much you’re willing to try.

Improve your sex skills. Sex toys aren’t magic, but once you get comfortable experimenting with your pleasure and you take time to have new sexual experiences, it’s easy to transfer that to sex with your partner. That’s right, playing with a masturbator could make you better in bed.


Sometimes you just want to get off, and you don’t want to use your hand. Masturbators are the perfect solution for these moments. But sometimes you’re looking for something new and different because you’re bored. Strokers are perfect for that, too.

Think of the sleeve or stroker as a gateway sex toy. Once you find what you like, you’ll be ready to try new styles, explore other types of sex toys, and take your sexual pleasure in new directions. Before you know it, you might have an entire collection of strokers and other toys. There’s nothing wrong with that!

What do you think? Are you ready to go buy your first masturbator? Let us know in the comments below!

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