How to Talk with Your Partner about Sex Toys

Sex toys are a multi-billion dollar industry. In recent years, they have become increasingly mainstream and more and more couples are using sex toys together to enhance their love lives.

If sex toys have piqued your interest, consider speaking with your partner about them… they might just be thinking of having the same conversation with you! Ultimately, the goal is to improve your sexual relationship and your partner should be onboard with that. Here are some tips to get that conversation started.

Start with a Chat

For some people, talking about sex toys, or even sex in general, is a squirm-worthy conversation and that is understandable. We, as a society, are often conditioned to consider such topics “naughty” or “dirty,” but sexuality isn’t actually naughty or dirty, it’s completely natural! After all, none of us would be here without it!

Begin the conversation when emotions (and hormones) aren’t running high. Pick a time when you and your partner are both relaxed and having a good time. It might seem like the perfect idea to commence the conversation while in bed, but experts warn against this. Talking about sex toys immediately before or after hooking up can make your partner feel inadequate and lead to feelings of intimidation.

Frame the Conversation Appropriately50 shades of grey bondage kit

Talking about sex toys can make some people feel like what they are doing for their partner isn’t enough. To avoid such feelings, it is important to frame your conversation appropriately. For example, telling your man you want to incorporate a vibrator into your bedroom play can quickly make him feel like he isn’t doing his job. Instead, you’ll want to suggest the use of toys as an enhancement to an already mind-blowing experience. Tell your partner one thing you really love that they do to you in the bedroom, then suggest a toy that can enhance that feeling, like the Fifty Shades of Grey Submit to Me Beginner Bondage Kit.

Triple Ripple Silicone Finger Vibe Waterproof - PinkTake Matters into your own Hands

Sex toys come in all shapes and sizes, and the only way to really know what you like is to try some out. If you, yourself, are new to the idea of using toys, it would not hurt to pick up a few beginner toys and try them alone, at first. You can also introduce beginner toys into your love making gradually, starting with a small vibrator, like the Wireless Remote Vibrating Egg or the Triple Ripple Silcone Finger Vibeand graduating to larger or more sophisticated toys depending on how it goes. Experts suggest starting with small vibrators or fun lubes, like the Good Head for Him kit, because they are less intimidating. It can be the easiest way to get a conversation rolling on the idea, as well.

Keep the Lines of Communication Open

Everyone has their limit in sexual situations, and this is true for sex toy usage, as well. Once you’ve incorporated toys into your repertoire, keep the lines of communication open. Ask your partner if they have any fantasies they haven’t fulfilled. Once you’ve had the initial conversation, it will be easier to talk about each other’s limits and whether or not you are interested in upgrading toys. Remember to have any follow up conversations when you are both relaxed and not in the midst of a sexual situation.

At Jack and Jill Adult Store, we know that sex toys can be a fun and enriching part of your love life, but it is important to discuss your preferences with your partner before heading into the bedroom. These tips can help you start that dialogue and, hopefully, lead to a more enriching sex life for both you and your partner!

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