How to Take Nudes and Sexy Photos: Tips and Tricks

Thinking about sending your lover some nude pics? Nice! Taking sexy pictures can be a very empowering experience, not to mention a great way to build sexual tension until it’s time to get down to business.

On the flip side, send a bad selfie and you might not get the reaction you’re hoping for. Mortifying!

Learn how to take nudes like a pro with the following tips:

1. Wearing heels or boots instantly improves your posture and makes your legs look leaner and longer while naturally bringing about the perfect booty pop.

2. Channel your inner model with lingerie. Sexting is great, but pictures say more than words, so make them count and ditch the cotton panties and tank top.

3. Highlight your best features by taking your nudes near a window in natural sunlight. If you do your best sexting at night, position a desk lamp near, but not above you, as overhead lighting creates unflattering shadows.

4. Before you even think about taking a photo, you should know which angles accentuate your best features. If you don’t have a clue, take a look at old pictures of yourself and take plenty of new practice shots.

5. Don’t send nudes to a guy or gal you don’t trust. If you’re still feeling things out, be sure not to include any identifying features of yourself. Take a picture from the neck down. Have a recognizable tattoo? Make sure it’s out of frame.

6. Be horny first! Nothing will put you in the mood more than fetish heels and your favorite porn. You might want to get your lover riled up, but if you aren’t feeling sexy in the moment it will show in your pictures.

7. Step out of your comfort zone with fetishwear. Can you imagine being the reason for someone else’s newfound fantasy? Hot.

8. While there’s nothing wrong with up close and personal nudes, you owe it to your entire gorgeous bod to use the self-timer on your phone. Prop it up on a shelf and practice various poses—spread eagle or bent over always works.

9. Protect your photos from hackers and disable backup storage from your phone. For iPhone, go to “Settings,” “iCloud,” and disable “My Photo Stream.” For Android, go to “General Settings” and turn “Auto-Backup” off.

Jack and Jill

Whether you don a pair of stripper shoes or perfect the art of the lip bite, at Jack and Jill, we encourage you to let your sexy flag fly and do what feels best for you. Confidence shines brighter than any camera flash, so own those nudes and make your partner beg for it!

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