How to Survive a Long Distance Relationship

It never fails — you find the perfect partner and they live a thousand miles away. Long distance relationships can be rough, and not everyone is cut out to make them work. You need a lot of communication, a few high tech sex toys, and some creative thinking. If you’re in love with someone who lives far away, here are a few ideas on how to survive the distance.

Get Into a Routine

Get Into a RoutineLong distance relationships (LDRs) are difficult when you can’t see each other on a regular basis. You can’t build a routine together – what night you’ll go out, what night you’ll stay in, and which morning you’ll enjoy pancakes and sex together – as easily. Even though you can’t set an in-person routine, you can create your LDR routine.

  • When will you talk on the phone?
  • Will you send good morning and goodnight texts?
  • When will you Skype or FaceTime?
  • What shows or movies will watch “together?”

All of these things are opportunities to connect. Knowing you should get a phone call or text message at a specific time of day can help you get through a moment when you miss your partner. Watching the same shows or movies lets you feel like you’re doing something “together.”

Use All Available Communication

In long distance relationships, the only thing that keeps everything going is the amount of time you’re willing to spend on communication. This isn’t the 1800s where the best you could do was one letter every few weeks. Between email, text message, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, email, Skype, Facetime, and even making a phone call, your options to talk to each other are almost endless.

Use everything you’ve got. You’ll find your favorites soon enough, but don’t rely on a single method if you can help it. It sucks to miss a phone call but you can (usually) live with it if you know an email or a text is coming. If your sole method of communication is tied to your phone, it’s never fun when it dies on you. Vary the methods you use, and you’ll always have at least one way to talk to your sweetie.

Plan the Next Visit Now

Plan the Next Visit NowAsk anyone in a committed long distance relationship, and they’ll tell you that they live for the next visit. Depending on how far the distance is, you may see each other every few weeks or every few months. Go ahead and put a date on the calendar, even when you’re still in the middle of a visit. It gives you something to plan together.

When you have to say goodbye (for now) to your partner, you’ll both have the next meeting to look forward to. It’s fun to plan all the sex you’ll have together next time. On those long, lonely nights when you miss each other so bad it hurts, talk about the next visit and dream together until you’re back in the same physical space again.

Make Phone Sex Your Friend

For some people, phone sex, sexting, and mutual masturbation come as natural as breathing. Other people struggle with it because they feel silly or awkward. In a LDR, phone sex might be the only way you get to connect sexually sometimes. You might think you sound weird talking about your deepest desires, but it’s a great way to connect.

Another option is to masturbate together during a Skype, FaceTime, or regular phone call. Mutual masturbation offers a healthy way for any relationship to connect and experience intimacy, but it’s especially important for long distance relationships. Add in a sex toy like a vibrator or dildo if that feels good to you. You can talk dirty to each other or just moan in each other’s ear. How you get off together doesn’t matter – all that matters is that you do.

Get a Long Distance Sex Toy

Get a Long Distance Sex ToyOkay, so no sex toy is labeled “long distance” but you want one controlled by mobile app. You don’t have to be in the same room together to enjoy it – or the same city, state, country, or even continent. The person using the toy will need to connect it to Bluetooth and both of you will need the mobile app. Once you’re connected, your partner can control your pleasure through their phone.

Which toys offer this amazing, sexy, and sometimes kinky option? We-Vibe makes several mobile app enabled toys like We-Vibe Sync or the Verge vibrating penis ring. Kiiroo makes sex toys that you can both use at the same time so you can feel what the other partner feels. Once you start looking, you’ll be amazed at the adult toys available with long distance couples in mind.


Long distance relationships are hard and not everyone can make it work. If you’re willing to put in the time and effort, make a few sacrifices, and get really sexually creative, it’s doable. Set up a routine, talk all the time, and find ways to be sexual together, and you have a better chance of success than the average long distance relationship.

Have you ever been (or are you) in a long distance relationship? How did you get through it? Share with us in the comments!

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