How to Store Your Sex Toys

Have you ever gotten the urge to grab your vibrator, put it on high, and forget about your annoying boss, idiot coworker, or that the rent is due? You rummage around for your favorite toy and find it coated in dust and some opaque coating you don’t even want to think about? Even worse, the batteries are dead, and you can’t find the cord.

It happens to everyone, and it’s a case of not putting your toys away like you should after you’re done playing. Considering how much money some luxury sex toys cost, the last thing you want to do is ruin your fun with a gunky and dead vibe. That’s why it’s important to know how to store your sex toys so they’re ready to use when you’re ready to come.

Do these things the next time you spend minutes (or hours) pretending the world doesn’t exist and all that matters is you, your sex toy, and the way your back arches when you hit just the right spot.

Clean Your Toys Before You Put Them Away

Clean Your Toys Before You Put Them AwayYou should clean your sex toys after every use. If you’re unsure whether your vibrator, dildo, or plug were cleaned – it’s easy to forget – wash it again. There’s no such thing as too clean when it comes to an item that will be in or on your most sensitive body parts.

Make sure you consider the material before you start scrubbing. Wood, silicone, and anything with a battery just needs soap and water. Glass or Pyrex can be boiled or placed in the dishwasher. If it has a motor or uses a battery, do not put it in water! You’ll ruin it if you do. Once your toy is clean, dry it. Now that your toy is squeaky clean and free from dried body fluids and who-knows-what-else, you can store it.

Bag It or Box It

If you’re the type to throw your sex toy – which may or may not be clean – in a nightstand with other stuff, stop right now. The nightstand or drawer isn’t the problem. Before you toss it in the drawer, though, make sure your toy is properly covered. Why? Because depending on what else is in your nightstand, you could get dust, crumbs, and even pet hair on your toy. No one wants pet hair and dust near their genitals.

Most adult toys come with nice looking, decorative bags. Guess what? These aren’t just to make your toy look nice or even to hide them (although that’s a good use, too). They’re actually meant to protect your toy from dust and debris, so use them. Threw out the bag because it didn’t seem important? Buy yourself a toy box or a toy bag.

Take Care of Your Batteries and Cords, Too

Take Care of Your Batteries and Cords, TooCleaning your sex toy seems like a no-brainer. Maybe even putting it in a bag or box does, too. What about the batteries? And do you know where the cords are? Both are the most overlooked part of toy storage.

Remove the batteries from your toy to help them last longer. You can put them right in the bag with your vibrator or butt plug. For rechargeable sex toys, wrap the cord up neatly and store it with your toy, too. Don’t leave it plugged in all the time – it can wear out the battery. But also don’t throw your cords into a separate drawer from the toy. There’s no standard connector and the time it takes you to find the right cord so you can play is going to be a mood killer.


When you’re in the middle of your fun, sexy, orgasmic play time – who says toys are just for kids, right? – the last thing you want to think about is cleaning and storing your sex toys. But these toys aren’t cheap, and you want to be able to use your rabbit or masturbation sleeve when you want to. Think about how mad you’ll get if you drop $100 on a toy, use it once, and find it dusty or dead because you didn’t put it away correctly.

After your post-orgasmic cuddle or the post-orgasmic nap you need when it’s really good, don’t forget to take care of your toys and put them away properly. You’ll be glad you did when you’re ready for spine-tingling, toe-curling orgasms.

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Infographic for How to Store Your Sex Toys

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