How to Masturbate While Social Distancing with Your Partners Family

Many people have had to adapt to living life in the confines of their home over the last several weeks. You may have decided to move to one of your family’s homes so as not to be alone. It’s nice to have people around. It means you won’t be lonely. But when your house is full and you need some alone time, how are you supposed to masturbate?

Masturbation is a really good way to relieve stress but having to be more covert with adult toys is a task. It’s important to be respectful of each other but you don’t have to give up masturbation.

Don’t Stop; It’s Good for You

While packing up your sex toys to live with your in-laws is a precarious task, it’ll be well worth your while. Studies show that the more love you show yourself (masturbation included in that), the less likely you are to be stressed and anxious.

And the medical benefits don’t end there. Studies suggest that masturbation might be exactly what you need to strengthen your body’s natural defense forces and boost your immune system. The Department of Medical Psychology at the University Clinic of Essen in Germany found that sexual arousal and orgasm increases white blood cell counts which boosts the immune system.

Communicate with Your Partner

There can be misconceptions surrounding masturbation. It replaces your partner or it isn’t an activity that you can enjoy together. The reality is, sex with your partner and masturbation are two totally different things. And they’re both equally valid. If you need to take an afternoon to read a book, watch Netflix, and masturbate then you should feel empowered to.

Gaining the confidence to learn how to verbalize your sexual needs to your partner builds trust between you. You’ll be able to use it when you open up about fantasies of what you’d like to try together in the bedroom.

Get Creative

Just like sex with a partner can get boring if you do it the same way, over and over, so can masturbation. Give yourself time to settle into your new home first. Once you’re ready, try taking your sexual exploits outside the bedroom. This can be a little risky considering there are other people in the house. But that’s part of the excitement.

Running yourself a long bath or shower is a great way to relax and spend some time with yourself. It’ll also spice things up for you.

Build Boundaries in the House

If you’ve chosen to move in with your partner’s parents during the lockdown then you’ve got to accept that that’s where you live for the foreseeable future. You might not walk around naked after you get out of the shower, and sex on the couch is pretty much ruled out. But you should be respected as an equal member of the family and that includes implementing boundaries.

If your in-laws are lax when knocking before entering a room, let them know that you’d appreciate it if they did. Alternatively, if you’d like to spend time on self-love then let everyone know you have to do something and need privacy. If you follow their rules, they should respect your privacy.

Hide Your Sex Toys

While you should feel like an equal member of the household during quarantine, you also need to respect the people you live with. Find time to play with your favorite toys during this stressful time breaks up the day. Putting them in a place where your in-laws won’t then see them saves you from a mortifying conversation later.

Set up a box or bag where you can dip into your sex toys whenever you’d like, whether you’re by yourself or with your partner. It’ll be a fun secret for you and a way to take yourself away.


The mental and physical health benefits of masturbation are innumerable. These are unprecedented times. If you struggle to sleep or feel anxious, taking for self-love is a great coping mechanism. However, working in your masturbation time around the big family game of scrabble could be a tough one.

How do you masturbate while you’re stuck at home with family? Let us know in the comments!

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