How to Make Your Masturbator Feel Better Than Ever

There’s nothing wrong with your same old wank, while using your favorite masturbator, in the way you always play with it. But sometimes, the same old thing isn’t enough. You get off but you’re not satisfied…or maybe you don’t even get off at all. That’s no fun.

If you’re looking for a new way to enjoy your favorite stroker, give these ideas a try!

Lube Up

Lube UpYou should be using some lube anytime you pull out your favorite stroker, but a lot of guys don’t use enough. It’s okay if you’re a wet, slippery mess because of lube — you can always wash it off later. Adding more than you usually do or even just a different brand than normal can drastically change the sensations you feel. You may be able to get more movement and stimulation simply because your masturbator is moving more easily against your shaft.

Add Sensation Lube

For a completely new feeling, switch out your usual brand of lube and choose something that adds sensations. You can try a warming option or one that makes you tingle. Test it on a small patch of your skin before you slather it on, to make sure it’s something you actually want to feel. While you masturbate, you’ll get the sensations you’re used to and new ones you’ve never felt before. This kind of lube definitely makes for a completely new experience.

Only Use the Sleeve

This only works if your stroker can be disassembled (some can and some can’t). If it can, pull the sleeve out of the canister and use it by itself. Lube up like normal, and start stroking. You’ll be amazed at how much control you have over your own grip and the texture you feel on the inside. It will also make clean up even easier when you’re done because all you have to clean is the sleeve.

Warm Things Up

You should never boil or microwave your masturbator. If you do, the material may break down, and you’ll ruin your toy. But you can run it under warm water or put it under or on top of an electric blanket but only for about 15 to 20 minutes. The heat will make your toy feel more like a real body as you thrust in and out, and the experience will be completely unlike the old way you’ve played in the past.

Cool Things Down

If you really want to add an extra zing to your stroker, you can cool it down instead of heating it up. Never freeze your stroker as this can ruin your toy, too. But you can run it under cold water or put it in the refrigerator so the material has time to chill out. Once you get past the initial shock of the cold, you may find you enjoy the sensations from the lower temperature. And once you get going, you’ll warm up in no time.

Change the Tempo

Change the TempoWhether or not you change the temperature, you can always change the tempo when you jack off. If you normally get yourself off quickly, slow down and tease yourself, forcing your orgasm to wait a while. And if you’re normally laid back and stroker slower, try speeding things up to see what happens. You can do this on its own or with any of the other tips listed here for extra fun.

Switch Hands

Everyone has a dominant hand — left or right. It’s the one you grab yourself with whenever you’re ready to come and the hand you write with. To make your masturbator feel like a new toy, switch hands and use your non-dominant hand. It may feel awkward at first, since you’re not used to it, but once you find a rhythm, you may be surprised at how different it feels. Your stroker will be held at a different angle, with a different grip, and move at a different speed — it’s basically a whole new experience.


For a quick orgasm without a mess on your hand, masturbators are a great option. But even your favorite stroker or sleeve can start to bore you after a while. When that happens, switch things up, either a little or a lot, to give yourself new pleasure, experiences, sensations, and stimulation. You may find a new way to masturbate or you may decide to never do that again. But either way, you won’t be bored anymore.

How do you like to play with a masturbator? Let us know in the comments!

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