How to Make Solo Sex Even Better

Masturbation can be a miracle cure for many things: boredom, headaches, stress, anxiety, and even a lack of sleep. It’s also a great way to learn exactly what gets you off and teach your partner how you like to be touched. But as with anything sexual, it’s easy to get into a routine or a pattern. Eventually, you realize you’re dissatisfied and need something different. But what?

If you’ve find yourself in a wanking rut, and masturbation bores you, we’ve got you covered with a few ideas on how to make your solo sex better.

Use Your Fantasies

Use Your FantasiesFor some people, masturbation is what you do to relieve tension or because you got a random urge. Solo sex is almost automatic, just a thing you do, with not a lot of thought going into it first. The next time the urge hits, think about your deepest desires and fantasies. Do you want to be watched? Is there someone you know at work or saw in a store who turns you on? Your fantasies are personal to you and never have to be shared. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be wank fodder when you’re looking for added pleasure or a bigger orgasm.

Switch Hands

To change up sensations and force your brain to pay attention, switch hands when you masturbate. Everyone has a dominant hand, and it’s automatic to use it during solo sex. By using the other hand, you’ll touch yourself in a new way and force your brain to focus on what’s happening to your body. You may also find that you hit new spots or that you make your favorite spots feel even better. Since you’re touching yourself at a different angle, even the familiar may feel a little different.

Try Lube

Try LubeYour mind is willing but your body won’t respond, and dry strokes aren’t exactly pleasant. Add some lubricant to smooth your way and increase your pleasure. People with penises have been using lotion for years to make their wank better. If you’ve never eased your way with lubricant, now is the time. Some are made to tingle or become warm once it makes contact with your skin which can add to your pleasure. But anything that helps your fingers or sex toy glide more easily over your body can’t be a bad thing.

Add a New Sex Toy

Some people only masturbate with their hands while others have a go-to sex toy. Either way, now may be the time to choose something different. Masturbation sleeves, prostate massagers and penis rings are great for enhancing penis pleasure. Vibrators, g-spot stimulators, and dildos can be used for external, clitoral stimulation or internal sensations. When you use the same method or sex toy over and over again, your body adjusts to those feelings. Finding something that stimulates your body in a new way can take your pleasure and your orgasms to entirely new levels.

Watch Some Porn

Watch Some PornPorn gets a bad rap for being awful and dangerous. When used to further your own sexual appetites or help express a fantasy, it’s fine for most adults. Maybe you’re tired and your imagination isn’t creating the right sexy pictures in your head. Porn can do that for you. You may have to search through a few options until you land on what gets you going. Don’t overthink it too much or worry that you’re getting on the “wrong” kind of porn. Let your body react and use porn as a tool to help you get yourself off.

Read Something Sexy

Not everyone is a visual person. Porn might look fake to you or make you feel awkward, like you’re intruding. Why not read some porn instead? Sex bloggers, websites like Literotica, and erotica on your e-reader might be exactly what you need. Reading a few sex scenes, whether pure fantasy or something more realistic, frees your mind from the responsibility of coming up with the picture in your head. For many readers, it’s easy to imagine yourself in the scene and your body responds as a result. Use that to your advantage. They’re called one-handed reads for a reason.


Masturbation has a reputation for being something only lonely or desperate people do. Wrong! Solo sex is a healthy part of your sexual expression, and it’s the safest form of sex there is. Sexual ruts happen whether you’re alone or with a partner. If you and your hand are bored with each other, it’s time to try something new like a sex toy from Jack and Jill to make your solo sex even better.

How do you like to enjoy solo sex? Comment below!

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