How to Increase Your Libido When You are Tired

After a long day of work, caring for children, or running a ton of errands, the last thing a large number of women are looking forward to is getting busy in the bedroom. Let’s face it, almost nothing puts a damper on sexual desire more than being tired does. Jack and Jill Adult provides a few suggestions below that can help increase your libido and get your groove back on!

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Assess Your Lifestyle

You need to take a look at how you spend your time. Think about where you can make some changes in your current routine in order to make time for things that you want to do.  Perhaps you are spending too much of your attention and energy in one or a few areas of your life and running yourself ragged. You must prioritize your time so that you can create a sense of balance and harmony.

Simply Say “No”

Many women that have decreased sexual desire admit that they try to please others no matter the cost to themselves. If you tend to overextend yourself in order to make the people around you happy, it is time to start saying “no” and begin to make more time for yourself and your own needs.

Manage Your Stress

It is important to reduce stress in order to reap a huge spectrum of health benefits. Getting into a state of relaxation can also improve your libido. Why not try activities including meditation, spending time in the fresh air, losing yourself in a captivating read, getting creative by crafting or painting, getting some exercise, and remembering to veg out a few minutes each day by doing absolutely nothing!

Set the Sexual Stage

Although sexual desire often happens spontaneously for men, this is not usually the case for women. The majority of women have “responsive desire” which means that they tend to become amorous after a sexy mood is in full swing. For example, what starts out as innocent cuddling with a partner can lead to sexual arousal for a woman. Reading an erotic romance novel, flirting through text messages or over the phone, self-pampering with a mani and Pedi, trying a new restaurant or hobby with your mate, and prolonging foreplay are all wonderful ways to help boost your libido.

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