How to Have Fun with Sex Furniture

If your only experience with having good sex is lying flat on the bed, bent over a table, or standing in the shower, you’re missing out on a lot of fun. Sex furniture — from sex swings to wedges — make any kind of sex you have more exciting and better in a lot of ways.

Here’s how to have more fun and pleasure by adding the right piece of sex furniture to your life.

Try New Sexual Positions

The overwhelming purpose of sex furniture is to help you have sex in a different position. The piece of furniture you pick will determine how much (or little) you can switch up your positions.

  • Sex slings and swings let you or your partner sit up or lie back completely, suspended by straps.
  • Wedges let you reposition your body in ways your joints or muscles might not normally allow.
  • Sex balls and stools allow you to sit and bend over without the need for a bed or the requirement of hanging something from the ceiling.

The angles of genitals to genitals or mouth to genitals changes and become easier than ever with sex furniture. Some sex positions require a level of flexibility that most people don’t have. With the right wedge or sling, you can finally get your body to move in ways that allow you to experiment with sex and pleasure in a new way.

Take a Load Off

Have you ever had to switch a position because your knees or back started to hurt in the middle of sex? Do you find it difficult to hold your legs or torso at specific angles for very long? Good sex shouldn’t feel like the hardest gym workout you’ve ever had. With the right piece of sex furniture, it doesn’t have to.

Sex slings and swings take all the weight off your body, but especially your limbs and joints. They also make it easier for your partner to reach parts of your body from different angles, like sitting underneath your body during oral sex.

Sex wedges support your body so that you can hold a position longer. Want to get into doggy style but your knees can’t handle it? Placing your torso on a wedge takes the weight off the rest of your body, especially your knees.

The main benefit of sex furniture is that whatever kind of sex you have becomes immediately more comfortable. You’re able to accommodate your body’s abilities and needs without sacrificing the activities — penetration, oral sex, fun with sex toys — you love the most.

Get Kinky in New Ways

One person’s kinky sex is another person’s vanilla sex which means there’s no single way to explore kink. But the flexibility and support of sex furniture definitely make it a lot easier.

  • Play with orgasm control while your partner is strapped into a sex swing.
  • Explore different sensations — pain, heat, cold, sensual massage, etc. — from multiple angles.
  • Use a strapon harness and dildo for penetration fun while a sex wedge helps you get into the perfect position.
  • Pick swings, swings, and other equipment that includes cuffs for bondage fun. Add a blindfold or a ball gag for even kinkier fun.

You can use swings and wedges as part of role-playing fun or to add heat and spice to your usual sexy fun. Play with power and control or try kinky toys and positions you never have before. Remember, if it feels kinky to you, then it is. Furniture makes it easier to get into new positions, try bondage, and access your partner’s body in new and exciting ways.


Sex toys for couples are all about playing and trying new things. Sexual pleasure is meant to be fun.  Think of sex swings, wedges, and other sex furniture as another way to level up your pleasure and play. With the right equipment, you’re not limited by your body’s capabilities. You can stretch your body, your limits, and your experiences in all-new ways.

Have you tried sex furniture before? What did you think? Let us know down in the comments!

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