How to Give an Ultra Erotic Japanese Nuru Massage

Most people are familiar with the physical and mental benefits of massage, but when it comes to the art of sensual massage in the bedroom, they’re at a loss.

If you’ve never given or received a Japanese Nuru massage, we’re here to enlighten and help you take your foreplay game to whole new slippery level!

What is Nuru Massage?

The word “Nuru” means “slippery” in Japanese and refers to a specific type of erotic massage.

Both partners are fully nude as the masseuse rubs his or her body against the other with massage oil or “Nuru Gel” comprised of Aloe Vera, and seaweed, grape seed and chamomile flower extracts.

While messy, the gel is odorless and tasteless, making it an attractive alternative to allergy-prone couples that may be irritated by scents and chemicals found in traditional massage oils.

What You’ll Need to Nuru

Jack and Jill recommends purchasing the complete Wet Nuru Body on Body Massage Kit, which includes gel and a protective plastic sheet to use atop your regular sheets.  The oil will not stain; however, the process results in excess gel that can drip onto the floor or bed frame.

Note: it’s recommended that couples remove the plastic sheet after their sensual massage and allow the excess oil to pool before disposing of the sheet or rinsing it for later use.

While some people prefer to perform Nuru with all-natural coconut oil, it’s not a true Nuru massage without Wet Nuru Concentrated Massage Gel, specifically designed for sensual play.

How to Give a Nuru Massage

Okay, now you’re ready to get down to business. While there are specific techniques used to apply deep pressure, the idea is to explore each other’s bodies as intimately as possible.

Like any sexual act, remember to have fun! Here are some additional tips for this adult sensual massage:

  • Support your body weight with your arms and slowly glide across your lover.
  • To increase the pressure, release a little bit of body weight at a time.
  • Start by massaging the back of your partner and flip them over when things heat up.
  • Use all parts of your body for massage: your knees, bottom, elbows, even your breasts and nipples.
  • Avoid the genital area until the end. In other words, wait until they’re horny and can’t help but grab you for a happy ending!

Jack and Jill

Nuru massage oil is for external use only, so proceed with caution if you end up having sex.  Simply wipe off the oil and apply some personal lube before proceeding. From massage oil to bed sheets for sex, Jack and Jill has everything you need for a memorable night of Nuru massage!

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