How to Get Used to Big Butt Plugs

You love anal play and like butt plugs, don’t you? Good for you! Have you ever been fascinated (and maybe a little scared) of the gigantic butt plugs you see online or in your favorite adult toy shop? Those big plugs aren’t just for porn stars.

If you’re intrigued by the idea of your booty stretched wide and stuffed full, big butt plugs can be fun to play with — but only if you learn how to handle them correctly. We’re here to help you out with that!

Start Small

Start SmallYou don’t go from walking around the block to running a marathon in a day, and you don’t go from your pinkie finger up your butt to a massive plug quickly, either. Wherever you’re at right now is where you start. But if it doesn’t feel good, start with something even smaller. That might be a finger inserted during sex or masturbation or an average butt plug. Once you get comfortable, then you can move up to the next size or the next anal toy.

Go Slow

Getting your butt ready to handle big penetration isn’t something you should rush. Let your body get comfortable with one size, no matter how small, before working your way up to the next size butt plug. Yes, this means it may take longer than you want, but the point is not to hurt yourself, feel unnecessary discomfort, or hate anal play. How do you know when it’s time to move up a size? If inserting your finger or toy is easy and comfortable, you’re probably ready for something slightly larger.

Use Lots of Lube

Use Lots of LubeIn anal play there’s no such thing as too much lube. When you’re moving up to larger and larger butt plugs, this is especially true. Your butt should be slippery when you’re inserting your plug. You can also add more later so you stay comfortable. In a perfect world, you’ll be able to use a thick silicone-based lubricant, but it will depend on the material of your anal plug. Read the instructions that come with your plug, and if it says silicone lube is okay, go for it.

Try an Anal Training Kit

If you’re completely new to the idea of butt plugs, an anal training kit is a good place to begin. Most offer three sizes from very small to a respective (but not huge) size. It will give you a starting point to get used to being plugged and work your way up to bigger plugs. You might even decide that you’re perfectly happy with the largest size in your kit and don’t want to go any larger. Or it might whet your appetite for more anal plug fun.

Be Patient with Yourself

If you enjoy anal stimulation and want to keep trying bigger plugs and other toys, it’s easy to feel discouraged when it’s not easy to do right away. Be patient with yourself and focus on what feels good right now. You might be the type of person who can go from teeny-tiny plugs to something like the Rooster Daddy O in a few weeks or you might not be. Listen to your body and don’t force it to do something it’s not ready for.

Add Stimulation if Needed

Other than lubricant, the other thing that helps your anus handle a new plug is stimulation. Stroke your shaft or clitoris. Masturbate while you work in your newest butt plug. This is especially important when you’re moving up in size and haven’t gotten used to it yet. Remember, the butt is meant to be an exit, not an entrance, making the sphincter really tight. When you can relax your mind and body, it’s easier to push your new butt plug in. This is true at the smallest size and the biggest. Give yourself an orgasm or two, and your butt may thank you for it.

Know When You’ve Had Enough

Let’s be honest here. Not everyone can or should stuff themselves full with a massively huge anal toy. Your body may not be able to handle it, or it may never be completely comfortable for you. While new challenges are fun, sex toys are meant to be enjoyed. If you’re not feeling good when you use it, don’t do it. The last thing you should feel is stressed out because you can’t get a giant plug up your butt.


Butt plugs of any size are fun for lots of people. There’s no shame in being perfectly happy with a small jeweled plug and not wanting anything bigger. There’s also no shame in wanting to stuff yourself with the biggest possible toy just because you can. Only do this while it’s fun and exciting or if it gets you off. Once it stops being enjoyable, find something else to do. Just think, with a booty that’s comfortable with plugs of any size, you’ve opened yourself up to a whole world of new anal toys to try!

Do you feel ready to try a bigger butt plug? Would you rather use something smaller? Let us know down in the comments below!

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