How To Choose a Butt Plug for Long-Term Wear

Anal play is fun in the bedroom. For some, though, it’s far more interesting outside the bedroom in the form of long-term butt plug wear. You may find the “naughtiness” of wearing a plug out in public arousing. You may just want to feel stretched out. Whatever the reason, when choosing a plug for long term wear, what should you look for?


SafetyNote that while some people wear butt plugs for longer periods of time, general medical advice says not to wear one for more than three hours. It’s also a good idea to start with much shorter periods of time at first. You can increase the length of time you wear it as you become more used to it. While it is possible to wear an anal plug for more than three hours, pay close attention to your body. Everyone has a different limit where their muscles feel tired or sore. If it hurts, remove your plug.


What material a butt plug is made of will have a significant impact on how comfortable it is for long term wear. Softer materials will be less likely to cause pain, discomfort, or muscle soreness. While metal and glass butt plugs are fun for short-term play, they may be less comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Silicone is a good material choice, as it’s the softest non-porous material available.

Not all silicones are the same though. It may be worth checking the silicone harness of a particular product, which is often measured on a scale called shore durometer. Silicone with a grade of 00-20, for example, feels similar to a gel shoe insole. While a silicone of A-40 feels more like a pencil eraser.

While a softer silicone may be more comfortable, softer silicone butt plugs require a thick base to avoid the plug base being able to slip inside the wearer’s rectum. Comfort is key but so is the ability of your plug to say in place.

Base Shape

Base ShapeAll toys that are safe to use anally should have a flared base, meaning a base wider than the widest point of the butt plug itself. There are various different shapes of a base that can be used for this. When it comes to long term wear, a t-bar base is ideal.

More traditional round bases don’t sit neatly between the butt cheeks. After a few hours of wear, you may experience chafing. T-bar style bases fit between the butt cheeks, and as such don’t rub in the same way. They’re also more comfortable to sit down on than traditional rounded shape butt plugs.

The Neck

Another aspect of butt plug form to take into account is the shape of a plug’s neck. This is the thin length between its widest point and its base. A thicker neck on a plug means that the wearer’s sphincter is kept open. Wearing it makes you feel more stretched out and full. However, a thicker neck can also create more friction between the plug and the wearer’s anus. The plug can be more uncomfortable to wear if you move around a lot. The greater friction and stretching also causes discomfort sooner than when using plugs with a thinner neck.


LubricantLube is a requirement for all anal play, as the anus is not self-lubricating. However, when wearing a butt plug for a longer period of time, the type of lube you choose is an especially important consideration. Water-based lubes may dry out, making removing your butt plug more difficult and painful. This means regular reapplication may also be necessary. Silicone lubes may last longer, but they are not compatible with most silicone anal toys. Oil-based lubes are another option but the material of your plug matters. Before you choose your lube, think about how long it will last and how long you want to wear your butt plug.

Butt Plug Harnesses

If you have trouble keeping an anal plug in your body, a harness may be an option for you. Butt plug harnesses look similar to belts that have an extra strap between the legs. They are specifically designed to keep plugs inside the anus. This makes it more comfortable to wear and easier to do so for longer periods of time.


Wearing a butt plug out in public or even around your house for a long period of time isn’t as simple as putting it in and forgetting about it. Consider the type, style, and material of your butt plug. More importantly, find the right lubricant. Doing both will make sure you have the best experience possible.

Have you ever worn a butt plug for a long time during the day? How did it feel? Would you do it again? Share your experience down in the comments!

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