How to Blow Your Partner’s Mind with a Striptease

Are you dying to surprise and seduce your partner while wearing and then taking off something sexy? A good way to slow down the rush from a few kisses to wild sweaty sex is with a striptease. It gets your partner hot and bothered while making them wait longer to get you in bed.

Check out these tips for a sexy striptease to drive your partner wild.

Plan Ahead

The first rule of anything sexy and sensual is to only do what you want to do and what makes you comfortable. You might be doing this for your partner, but you both have to be into it. Think about what you want to do and make a plan.

Will you dance until you’re naked or will it end in a bump and grind lap dance? What kind of music do you want to use, if any? This is a great time to practice your moves in front of a mirror. It can help you feel less awkward if you know what you want to do before you do it.

Dress for the Occasion

What you wear is completely up to you. If sexy lingerie, killer heels, and stockings with garters are what you want, go for it. If you’re thinking of something simpler and want it to be a fun way to get naked, that works, too.

Think about how your clothing needs to be taken off and choose items that are easy to remove. Pull your shirt up over your head to make your breasts jiggle and bounce in a sexy way. Peel your pants down but do it facing away so your partner can admire your booty. Arch your back for this move to create the best curves and view.

Figure Out Where You’ll Be

During your striptease, you have two options: get close so you can touch your partner or stay back and give yourself space. There’s no right or wrong here. Think about what you want to accomplish.

Dancing further back creates a physical distance that might make them want you more. You’re close enough to see but not touch. Getting up close lets you touch and tease them while you strip. You can lean in close and not actually touch them or dance away when they try to touch. Go with what feels good to you.

Props, Lighting, and Music

The scene you set creates the vibe for your partner.

  • Choose low lighting. It’s really intimate and the shadows make everything more suggestive and sensual.
  • Use music that you want to move to. But it can be as short as a single song. You don’t have to dance forever.
  • Grab a prop if makes you feel sexier. A feather, a sheer piece of fabric to drape over yourself or your partner, even your own stripper pole will add another layer to this tease. Definitely practice with your prop first.

Body Language

Your striptease isn’t just about taking off some or all of your clothes, although it’s definitely that. How you use your body can send all kinds of sexy messages to your partner. Eye contact is the best and easiest. Hold their gaze and you send a signal of power and control. Look away and you deny them a piece of you. Both can drive them wild.

Lean in and squeeze their thighs near their groin to make sure their mind is definitely where it should be. Smile, wink, or blow kisses during your dance, especially if it fits with what you’re taking off or where the music is. You can even growl, purr, make noise, or ask, “Is this what you like?” That question also doubles as a consent check.

Lap Dance or No?

Feel free to turn your striptease into a lap dance. This lets you close the distance between you and your partner and show them exactly what you want. Lap dances aren’t a dance, though. They’re all about grinding.

Whether you sit down or keep your distance, nearly all of your movements should probably make your partner think about a bump and grind. Gyrate your hips in time to the music. Move your torso in a sexy way. Any movement you can do that reminds your partner of sex is a good one to use. This is where practicing in the mirror comes in handy.


You can do as much or as little as you want for a striptease. From your partner’s perspective, they’re just happy you’re getting naked for them. Use a song you like, wear lingerie you love, and use props only if it works for you. The whole point is to use your body to make your partner take notice and get ready for what happens after the striptease is over.

Have you ever given your partner a striptease? How did they react? Share with us in the comments below!

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