How Sex Toys Can Help a Midlife Crisis

Going through a midlife crisis can be difficult enough as it is. Don’t let yourself fall into a sexual rut, too. Despite what your hormones might dictate about your physical functions and emotional responses to sex, you can reclaim your sex drive. Explore some of the best-selling sex toys from Jack and Jill along with five ways to use them to get past this difficult time in your life.

One Touch Flicker Clear Vibrating Ring

Erectile dysfunction affects millions of men, most commonly middle-aged men and seniors. Penis rings can make for a bigger, firmer erection while adding an element of excitement to the bedroom. Rather than focus solely on the problem, make your penis ring pleasurable for both partners like the One Touch Flicker that stimulates her clit as well.

Her Anal Kit

As women approach menopause, they may experience difficulty with vaginal moisture and regular periods. There are plenty of solutions — from lube to vibrators — but why not switch it up with a four-piece anal kit instead? Whether you’re new to the idea of anal play or want to switch up the sensations in your rectum, Her Anal Kit provides exciting new toys from beads to a bullet vibe.

Anastasia Periwinkle Blue Vibrator

Jump-start your day by introducing a waterproof vibrator in the shower with your lover. Spontaneity and unconventional sexual positions can release endorphins when you don’t even realize you need them most — before the start of a busy day or during an afternoon rendezvous.

Sidekick Sleeve

If both you and your partner are going through a midlife crisis or you simply want to take the pressure off the one who is, try mutual masturbation. It’s a great way to ensure you get off while giving the other a sexy show and a few visual pointers they can use for next time. Watch your partner use a hand job stroker on himself while you explore your erogenous zones too.

Sexy Lingerie

Finding it hard to get in the mood? Use clothing as a “toy” to create more excitement and intimacy in the bedroom. It’s easy to feel down when your body is changing and your libido is in the toilet. But putting forth the effort to look good will make you feel good and inevitably fill your partner’s head with all sorts of dirty thoughts.

The longer you go without sex, the more difficult it will be to reignite the passion that often wanes as you age. Don’t let your biological changes take precedence over your happiness! Try adding a new sex toy from Jack and Jill to your collection and step outside of your normal routine in your quest for regular orgasms.

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