Health Benefits of Having Sex

Whether the end results are reproduction or pleasure, sex is a normal part of life and essential for our well-being. No longer the taboo subject it once was, the puritanical aspects have been dismissed from the conversation altogether. Not only can we talk about sexuality openly, but we can dissect the positive attributes as they relate to our health. 

Mental Health 

Whether you’re partnered or flying solo, having consistency in your sex life can be very beneficial. Pent up frustration can lead to personal discomfort and reclusiveness. Having a healthy release is essential for the flow of chemicals in your brain that cause both euphoria and help maintain positive mental health. The act of masturbation can be just as healthy, as it encourages self-reliance and encourages better self-care. 

The importance of sex in relationships

Bob Stritof specializes in a variety of topics ranging from marriage to relationships. She coauthored the Everything Great Marriage Book. Bob combines traditional psychiatry with integrated medicine-based treatment. Supportive relationship sex can be beneficial. The increase of female sexual activity is associated with reducing blood pressure, a lower amount of stress, a more sexually active relationship and even a less divorce rate compared to women. Although there is not a set of rules that will determine a perfect sex frequency, there are some insights from recent studies.

Physical Health 

In Motley Crue’s autobiography, The Dirt, bassist Nikki Sixx describes sex as “a lot like masturbation but a lot more work.”  It’s true—a healthy and consistent sex life requires some physical activity. As one can expect, this is beneficial to our physical health. Sex leads to benefits such as low blood pressure, increased libido, and even lowers the risks of heart disease and hypertension. Studies have also shown that people with active sex lives practice better exercise regimens and tend to have a healthier diet. 

Improved Sleep Patterns 

Our bodies need a fair amount of sleep to recover from the activities of the day and recoup the energy that gets spent throughout the time we’re awake. Your body releases a chemical known as oxytocin during sexual climax, which can act as a sedative. The positive endorphins released during climax can lead to better dreams, and allow for a better night’s rest, which is essential for functioning during the day. 

Headache Relief 

While your first instinct for headache relief might be to reach for the aspirin, a healthy sex life has been clinically proven to lower the pain from, and sometimes cause relief from migraines and cluster headaches.  So, the next time you tell someone that you need to “relieve” some tension, you can be alluding to one of two things…maybe both. 

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