Habits to Improve Your Sex Life

Stop smoking. Since nicotine constricts blood vessels, smoking can cause damage to arteries and veins. The tiny blood vessels located within the penis are particularly vulnerable to the harmful effects of nicotine. This in turn can create the dreaded consequence of diminished sexual performance. 

Exercise. Exercising on a consistent basis is crucial for cardiovascular health, adequate erections, and a strong libido. Exercise also produces endorphins which are natural mood enhancers.

Lower stress levels. Stress elevates cortisol and adrenaline levels that can hinder sex response hormones. Meditation and yoga are two great examples of stress management techniques that can make a positive change in your sex life by increasing your sex response hormones. 

Get good sleep. Lack of sleep has been connected to erectile dysfunction and sexual response difficulties in women. Obtaining a sufficient amount of restful sleep can help to strengthen your libido and foster a satisfying sex life.

Limit alcohol. Be conservative in terms of consuming alcoholic beverages. Red wine is believed to assist in protecting the body from heart disease and certain cancers; however, since alcohol is a depressant, limit your intake so as not to impede sexual performance.

Cut down on caffeine. Caffeine restricts the blood vessels throughout the body…including the penis. That being said, refrain from ingesting too much coffee and other caffeinated drinks and edibles. (Although chocolate contains caffeine, this tempting treat may actually have a positive effect on sex drive. Oh, yeah!!)

Adhere to a healthy diet. Eating a diet rich in antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables is extremely beneficial for your general health and can improve your sex life by boosting your libido. Foods that contain omega-3 fatty acids are not only nutritious but wonderful for properly feeding your sexual health, too.

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