Guide to Common Adult Sex Toys

Are you curious about all the different types of adult sex toys that are out on the market and not sure where to begin? Jack and Jill Adult makes it easy and we have put together a guide on the basic adult sex toys that are out there for you to maximize your pleasure solo or with others.

Cock rings wrap around the penis and are obtainable in many varieties and materials, both pliable and stiff. There are rings that vibrate and styles that contain two rings with one for the base of the penis and the other to go around the testicles. 

Clitoral vibrators are held on the clitoris for sexual stimulation and can also be used during penetration to provide double the pleasure.

G-spot vibrators are shaped to hit the G-spot accurately. The G-spot is located on the front wall section of the vagina.

Clitoris Suckers offer a sensation of having the clitoris tenderly sucked upon.

Dildos are penis-shaped, non-vibrating toys that are geared for penetration. They are manufactured from a variety of substances such as silicone, rubber, and glass and range in size.

Prostate massagers are vibrating sex toys that go into the anus in order to stimulate the prostate.

Butt plugs are available in different shapes, sizes, can mimic rimming, and even vibrate for back door gratification. 

Masturbation sleeves are sex toys that the penis gets slipped into for solo enjoyment. There are sleeves that get warm, vibrate, pulsate, and create the feel of engaging in anal and oral sex. 

Anal beads are placed inside the anus and then removed slowly, bead by bead. You can use them by yourself or with a playmate.

Teledildonics are remote-controlled sex toys that allow you to control your companion’s vibrator or other type of sex toy while near or far. Floggers, paddles, and crops are popular toys. Floggers resemble whips and are commonly fabricated from cushiony leather, paddles are often made with leather or wood, and crops mimic riding crops and are usually constructed out of leather.

Chastity cages are small cages that are worn over the genitals, stopping someone from becoming physically aroused. Chastity cages are mainstream in the BDSM community. 

Sex swings are implements that assist lovers in achieving gravity-defying sex positions.

Jack and Jill Adult carries a delicious buffet of tempting sex toys that lift sensual stimulation to heightened levels. Clients can buy products in our Florida establishments or order privately through our website.

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