Getting Wild on Valentine’s Day (Despite Your Relationship Status)

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, reactions from the public differ greatly. For some, it’s a day to celebrate the unique bond they share with their significant other. For those who live in a world of self-imposed isolation, the whole spectacle seems like a farce. Then, there are those who see the holiday as nothing more than a greeting card exchange day, one which obligates them to purchase flowers, candy, and make reservations at expensive restaurants. No matter how you slice it, everyone finds a way to enjoy their cake on February 14th

And just like the adverse reaction that the holiday receives, there are some unique ways you can make it your own and stimulate your libido. Just like the equal standing of the various social classes, your relationship status has no restraint or entitlement when it comes to celebrating this day of love and affection. Much like the biologist organizing lifeforms by their genus and species, we’ve taken the time to narrow down the various relationship statuses and given them some ideas to make the sheets steam. 

The Single Life 

Just because you’re single doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the day. After all, one of the most important lessons that one has to learn is loving themselves. (And yes, we mean you to take that literally.) Wine and some erotic literature could help set the mood, and you can take extra steps to make sure the material you’re using is top tier. Masturbation is healthy, so why not indulge the experience? 

Married…With and Without Children 

Just because you’ve tied the knot and entered the world of holy matrimony doesn’t mean your sex life should be less exciting than a loaf of bread. Talk to your beloved about breaking out of the ordinary and pushing the boundaries of pleasure with daringness or experimentation can raise the level of unbridled passion. 

Dating & Daring

Ah yes, the western mating ritual known as dating…it’s a dance of feeling one another out and entering new levels of intimacy previously unknown. If this is your first Valentine’s Day together, you should go above and beyond to make it as memorable as possible. Take things to new heights with an erotic game of truth or dare…or simply dare to try something that will bring the two of you a night you’ll remember for all time. 

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