Get Your Libido Back

Are you experiencing a dry spell? If you aren’t craving sex like you used to, it doesn’t have to be permanent. Whether you want to feel more like yourself again or you want to satisfy your partner, there are ways to get your libido back. 

It is natural to have times when you don’t crave sex. However, you may notice your sex drive has gone down more than or longer than normal. While this is not necessarily a bad thing, it may not be ideal for your sex life.

There are several reasons why you may not be craving sex. For one, the longer you go without sex, the harder it is to get aroused. This is because the parts of the brain responsible for desire and arousal have a weaker communication with the genitals than if you were having sex regularly. People with vaginas who have not had sex in a long period of time may struggle with vaginal lubrication.

One way to solve this problem and get your libido back is by scheduling sex. If you set aside a time to have sex with your partner or by yourself, you can work towards getting turned on more regularly. Expect your scheduled sex it be a little awkward at first because you may not be in the mood when you’re doing it.

Another way to get your libido back is by trying new things outside of your sex life. Perhaps you aren’t craving sex because you aren’t feeling inspired or excited in general. You can recharge your creativity by going to concerts and museums or singing, dancing, or drawing. Relaxing with creative activities can help you get out of your head and boost your libido.

In addition to creative activities, try some sensual activities to get your libido back. Some examples of sensual activities are taking a burlesque class, watching sensual scenes in movies, or engaging in acro-yoga.

Maybe you’re not craving sex because you’re a little bored by it. If your sex life as become predictable and unexciting, try new sexual activities, fantasies, or kinks by yourself or with a partner. This can reawaken your libido and help you explore new areas of your sex life.

Lastly, listen to your body. While you may want to engage in sex when you’re not turned on to get your libido back, you should also stop engaging in sexual activity if your body does not want to.

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