Four Ideal Sex Positions to Try on the Couch

A trope of the American sitcom is the thought of a husband being sent to sleep on the couch for engaging in less-than-ideal behavior. One observation that can be made about television programming is that while it can be wildly entertaining, it very seldom mimics reality to perfection. Contrary to what many sitcoms attempted to illustrate; the couch is not a realm similar to the “cursed earth” from Judge Dredd where banishment exists. On the contrary, when two people see fit, they can utilize the couch to its fullest potential as a site for the wildest acts of carnal lust. And now, you can too! We’ve gathered some exciting data about the vast sex positions to try on the couch

The “Can We Talk?” 

This is a position that requires no contortion or fancy maneuvering. It’s the easiest one to accomplish and requires minimal effort. It involves you and your partner stripping down and facing one another on opposite ends of the couch as the two of you talk while masturbating. It allows intimacy to build as there’s nothing between the two of you as you express you inner most feelings while seeing self-pleasure in all its glory. Besides, many find it more relaxing than therapy. 

Surf’s Up!

The Sofa Surfer as it’s commonly known is another position that’s relatively easy and many couples have spoken highly about its effectiveness. The receiving partner uses the arm of the sofa to position their hind quarters in the air while the giver penetrates. Ideal for anal or vaginal penetration, it’s easy like Sunday morning. 

Climb the Mountain 

Whether you’re graciously giving or on the receiving end, just about everyone enjoys the pleasure and stimulation brought on by oral sex. An ideal position to try out the next time the two of you are couch bound is what’s called the “mount joy.” It’s relatively simple and many have attested to how enjoyable it is. While one person sits on the couch in a normal position, the other climbs up with their knees on the cushion the giver is currently sitting on. Their buttocks clenched for a closer encounter as oral sex is initiated. Heighten the experience with some flavored lubricant. 

Pigs in a Blanket 

You can rest assured; we’re not speaking of the culinary appetizer that involves hot dogs wrapped in croissant. The position known as “pigs in a blanket” is a very intimate and tender position ideal for the couple who fancy a good spoon now and again. It’s another position that rather easy, with both partners laying side by side with one another. Maintaining a steady pace is preferred, as is kissing throughout to make the experience as tender as possible. 

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