Focusing on Masturbation for Your Mental Health

With everything going on in the world right now, thanks to the pandemic, we need to take special care of our mental health. We can do this with regular masturbation. If you don’t already have a regular self-pleasure practice, it might be time to start.

The benefits of masturbation are backed up by science. It reduces stress and tension, eases pain, and enhances sleep. It also boosts your mood, confidence, and ability to focus. Let’s take a closer look at my favorite reasons to include a regular masturbation practice in your self-care routine.

Masturbation helps you relax and fall asleep

Masturbation helps you relax and fall asleepFor me, the prime benefit of masturbation–even when I’m not feeling particularly horny–is relaxation, especially before sleep. In fact, I’ve noticed a pattern in my life for a few years now.

It happens on nights where I have an inkling that I’d like to masturbate, but I dismiss it because it’s late, or I have to work tomorrow, or I’m tired. Hours later, I finally give up trying to sleep and think, “Well, I guess I may as well masturbate!” And then I IMMEDIATELY fall into a glorious sleep.

So now I try to pay attention to those inklings or at least try to remember them more quickly when sleep fails to carry me off. Even if I don’t always drift off afterward, the clitoral orgasm and other stimulation always help relax both my mind and body enough to at least snooze if not slumber the night away.

Masturbation gives your endorphins a boost!

Masturbation also gives you a pleasant high by boosting your mood and confidence. After I climax, my worries and concerns fall away, and I feel a deep sense of peace and well-being. I feel like this is cumulative. If I remember to masturbate more regularly when I’m going through a stressful time, my overall long-term relaxation and feelings of well-being increase.

Even if you don’t have other regular self-care practices like meditation or yoga, try cultivating a regular masturbation practice. This isn’t about climaxing but doing what feels good. Try setting a timer for twenty minutes and run your hands along your body for a sensual self-massage and see where it leads. Allow your body to tell you what it needs right now–whether it be a catnap or a climax–and then give yourself that gift.

It helps you focus on the present moment

It helps you focus on the present momentI love how intense pleasure helps me clear mental fog and distraction by helping me focus on the present moment. What better way to melt away unwelcome memories of an earlier conflict or worries about the future? When I find myself tied up in knots over past events or worries about the future, sexual pleasure helps snap me back into the present moment.

Change up your routine for a new experience

Even if you already masturbate regularly, consider increasing the frequency or varying the time of day or where you play.

If you normally masturbate once a week, consider increasing your frequency to twice a week. Try positioning yourself under a bathtub faucet and running pulsing warm water on your genitals (ahhhh!) or playing with a showerhead. If you have a difficult time falling asleep, turn on your vibrator for a quick perspective shift.

If you’re in a shared, small space, try playing with yourself while you’re in the bath or shower. Time your solo sex time when others are out of the house. Use white noise like a TV or a loud fan to drown out any sounds. If I can’t keep the screams in, I plaster a pillow over my face, and it works like a charm!

Try a new (or rarely used) sex toy

Try a new (or rarely used) sex toyYou can also knock yourself out of the same old routine by treating yourself to a new toy you’ve curious about, like a butt plug or nipple clamps. Consider this your new self-care sex toy. Even if you don’t become a fan of anal or pain play, simply trying something you find novel and exciting will wake up your senses and jolt you into the present moment. The intense rush will help stresses fall away, focus your mind, and relax your body–just like the very best orgasm.

You can also pull out your less-used toys and see if you can use them in a new way. For example, I have two penis rings in my collection that my partner and I haven’t yet tried. Perhaps I can put one on a finger or three, push the button to make it pulse, and then run it along my body. Even five minutes of that sounds like heaven! A good stressbuster before a midday catnap.


In these trying times, approach solo sex time with a purpose. Masturbation offers a host of physical and mental health benefits. It helps you relax and focus on the present moment and fall asleep more easily. It also gives your endorphins a boost and helps with mental focus. Change up your routine with a new sex toy or use an old sex toy in a new way. Add solo sex to your regular self-care practice, and your mind and body will thank you!

Do you regularly masturbate? How does it make you feel? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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