Five Reasons Why You Need a Prostate Massager

Guys, have a seat. We need to have a serious discussion about your prostate. Sadly, as men, you’re more likely to associate the word “prostate” with a hospital visit rather than an orgasm – especially if you’re older.

It’s high time you learned about your prostate and the incredible pleasure you can get from it. We’ll touch on five reasons to invest in a prostate massager and you can touch on…well, yourself!

1. You should know the prostate is the small gland that sits behind your penis and below your bladder. It stores semen. When massaged, your prostate is cleansed of the stagnant, bacteria-prone semen that is often responsible for swelling and serious medical conditions like prostatitis and erectile dysfunction. In short, a prostate massager is good for your health.

2. When you think of sex toys for men, you probably think of penis rings and masturbators, but did you know prostate toys are a thing? They’re designed to fit safely and comfortably in your bum and hit all the right places. You know about a woman’s G-spot, but did you know about your own P-spot? Massagers take the guesswork out of finding it.

3. Whether you’re straight, gay or bi, using a prostate massager makes you a Jedi master of earth-shattering orgasms, not unlike the mysterious female O’s that seem to stretch into infinity.

4. You should also give prostate massage a shot for the simple fact that this bad boy exists. It’s proof that prostate massage does not hurt; rather it feels incredible and provides a safe, sexy way to get yourself off or involve a partner in anal play. Just remember to take it slow and use plenty of lube in order to get well acquainted with the toy.

5. Massaging your P-spot doesn’t mean you’ll be neglecting your penis. In fact, many men’s prostate toys include hands-free functionality for maximum pleasure. The Nexus Revo Prostate Massager even has a vibrator for your perineum so you’re hit with waves of intensity from all angles.

Jack and Jill

Want to ease into anal play before committing to a prostate massage? We have a wide variety of men’s toys including small plugs that will introduce you to the concept of an object in your anus.

Once you feel comfortable, move on to a sex toy specifically designed for prostate stimulation. You’ll reap all of the health benefits with the chance to experience extended orgasms. You won’t know what you’re missing until you try it!

Will you try prostate massage? Will you use a toy when you do? Let us know in the comments below!

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