Finding Your G-Spot

There are few things more fun and exciting than exploring the body of your partner. But sometimes that can lead to neglecting yourself. Not only that, knowing what makes you feel good can increase the pleasure for both of you. 

And since many women still aren’t quite sure where their G-spot is, your sexy instructors here at Jack & Jill Adult thought we would share a few quick tips on finding it:

What Is the G-Spot?

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This is an erogenous zone found in women. It is usually located 2-3 inches inside the vagina. When you are aroused, it will swell and feel spongy to the touch. One theory is that it is an extension of the clitoris, which would explain why it feels so good when stimulated.

Finding It With Your Hands

Make sure that you are properly warmed up, as well as lubed up. Coat one or two fingers with your lube or secretion and slide them inside your vagina, with your palm facing up. Run your fingers up the vaginal wall until you come across a raised, bumpy texture. Once you’ve found it, use a “come hither” motion for maximum stimulation.

Finding It With Sex Toys

There are several sex toys designed specifically for stimulating the G-spot. These include dildos and vibrators. They are usually more firm and rigid than regular toys, allowing you to apply the proper amount of pressure to give you the most pleasure. Many of them come with a curved tip at the end for eye-rolling orgasms.

There is a lot more to bringing pleasure than just knowing where your G-spot is. Sometimes the toys and accessories you use heighten the experience even more. 

If you are ready to take things to the next level, either by yourself or with a lover, check out all the fun and exciting products we offer at Jack & Jill Adult. If you have any questions or would like to make a purchase, call us at 1-800-307-9531.

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