Finding the Perfect Sex Toy Size

Wondering how you can find the perfect sex toy size? Masturbation is no longer the torrid act of transgression it once was. As a matter of fact, just the opposite is true. Sex-perts agree that the act is not only healthy, but it’s just about as normal breathing. While some people are content with using their ten digits when it comes to achieving climax, some wish to take things a bit further. While you might have outgrown both the sandbox and have little use for an easy bake oven, there are some toys that are made just for grown-ups. Finding the perfect one is much easier than you may realize, and we’re here to shed some light on the activity that we all do when the lights are out. 

Size…it Matters 

Finding the ideal size for a toy can sometimes all come down to familiarity. You don’t need something that’s too small, unless discretion is what you’re going for. Think of what your partner brings to the poker table. Assuming you and your partner are very open about one another’s sexual practices (and you should be, breaking the puritanical stigma is of the utmost importance), don’t be shy about measuring up the goods. If you’re satisfied with your partner, then getting a toy that’s on the same playing field will do the trick for the moments when they’re indisposed. Naturally, some libidos are stronger than others, so if you want to go a few sizes up and experiment with how deep you can take things…by all means, enjoy. 

It Was Good Enough for Goldilocks…

Now, we don’t recommend breaking into a house where three people live, trying their food, and sleeping in their beds. Unless of course, there’s consent from all parties involved.  That’s not exactly what we’re referring to when we use the analogy to a beloved children’s fable. If your adventures involve you flying solo most of the time, you’ll want a toy that isn’t too small to help you get to where you need, and you don’t want something so big it causes discomfort. You’ll need one that…well…is just right. With the average dildo being approximately six inches in length, it’s a great starting point. From there you’ll be able to discern the size of the ideal companion piece…be it a little bigger or smaller. 


The term “dildo” means something vaguely phalical that mimics penile penetration. The length can vary — 2 inches to monster sizes. Women say the feeling of being infiltrated or the feeling of completeness of the vagina is what does the job. Although dildos are aimed at simulating penis penetration, that’s not necessarily true. Some prefer a vibrating dildo to stimulate the clitoris. 

Rabbit Vibrators

Similar to a dildo, a rabbit vibrator stimulates two areas – clitoral and g-spot. It has rabbit ears which provide vibrations for the clitoris while an extra component inside the vagina provides g – spot stimulation. The rabbit is available in many sizes just like dildos are. This kind is of sex toy is ideal for someone who finds dueling sensations enjoyable or whoever likes mixing sex toys. 

I Guess My Appetite Was Bigger Then My…..

Many People experience buyers remorse due dildo size being too big or too small. It’s usually a very good idea to really think about the size of a toy and what you can accommodate in reality, before an online purchase of a dildo. Be sure to think about this when you are not sexually charged. Once you are aware of this then go ahead and consider size with online shopping. Product descriptions will let you know the size.

Are The Balls Included In The Size?

Another thing to consider when purchasing a dildo online are the balls. Some manufacturers include the balls in the length, and some do not. This makes a big difference in the end.

Jack and Jill Adult

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