Fascination with Furries: Do You Have an Inner Furry?

Furry Fascination Explained By PinkCherry


Furries, oh furries! Be still our hearts, as these little tarts are having a bit of a moment right now, and there is still so much that people don’t know about this particular community. While a person’s “fursona” may not have anything to do with sex or their sexual activities, it is often teasingly intertwined. Just like with any other lifestyle, the “furry life” is something that you may not completely understand the appeal of, but hey, we all have our things, so we can respect it.

The world is a crazy, fun place, and furries are becoming increasingly popular every day! It is likely that this fun fad won’t be fleeting away anytime soon, so it is important to know a few basic facts about what these furries bring to the bedroom.

Not a furry? Not to worry – let’s explore this fabulous lifestyle and all it has to offer!


What Is A Furry?

A furry is a member of the furry community, a subculture that focuses on anthropomorphized animal characters. The term describes a wide range of people, including role-players, gamers, writers, artists, fans and more, who consider themselves living the “furry life.” Furries think of themselves as their characters, better known as their “fursonas.” They identify with this fursona and function within their community in that identity. Sometimes, furries will wear elaborate costumes that completely conceal their identities or personalities, or they will try to be a bit more natural with it – of course, as the name implies, fur is always at the forefront of the show!

Furries have in-person meetings and a large online presence. They come, gather, socialize, and play from all over the world, with hundreds of local groups existing within the United States. They even hold conventions! Who knew, right?

Now, as you might have guessed, there is definitely a sexual aspect to the furry community, as well. They will often wear tails (with some even modifying their clothing to make room for the tails). Some will wear masks (both in the bedroom and out) as a way to conceal their identities. In couples, one person will often be the furry “alpha” who is in charge – they will even use leashes to help designate their dominant role.

Can you say, “Meow?”


Who Are Furries?

Clearly, we all want to know – who is behind that sexy fur? For many, it may seem like this furry community has come out of nowhere, but that isn’t exactly true. The “furry life” has been around for a while but has only recently increased in popularity. Many furries, about 75% in fact, are under the age of 25. Most furries are male (about 80%), with about 18% being female and 2.5% being transgender.

Furries are primarily white, but there is a growing population of black and brown furries as well. Interestingly enough, only about one-third identify as heterosexual. Many more are gay, with the largest portion of furries falling into the bisexual or pansexual categories.

This is a furr-tastic and fascinating trend that is captivating bedrooms around the world! Another interesting fact about who makes up the furry community is that many are college-educated or current college students. College campuses have many shadow groups for furries as well. Again, who knew???


Types of Furries: Therians

Yes, there are different types of furries out there. And they have names! One smaller subset of furries is called Therians. This group, which makes up about a quarter of all furries, believes that they are spiritually connected to the furry creatures of our world. This means that they are less than 100% human, and sometimes, they even believe they are an animal trapped in a human body. All this can also be part of a BDSM relationship (Bondage/Discipline Domination/Submission Sadism/Masochism). However, the majority of Therians simply believe that they were an animal in a former life. Purr, purr! Oh, the possibilities.


Types of Furries: Otherkin

Another much smaller group calls themselves the Otherkins. They are similar to Therians in that they, too, believe themselves to be part of a non-human species. However, Otherkin feel that they belong to a mythical species that has been given human-like features.

These species could include dragons, griffons and, most popularly, unicorns. Hey, who doesn’t want to be part unicorn? No judgement here!


Why Are There So Many Jokes About Furries?

As you might imagine, even if you’re unfamiliar with the “furry life,” there are many negative stereotypes that go with being a furry, and there doesn’t seem to be many reasons for these stereotypes – as most people don’t truly even understand the “furry life” and how it spices up and fuels their erotic passion and pleasure!

In fact, furries tend to be extremely sweet, nice, friendly (and private) people. Unfortunately, they are likely to have been bullied at some point in their lives, particularly when they were younger. Many studies have shown that they keep to themselves more often than not, without sharing this secret aspect of their lives with anyone who is important to them, including their families, friends and coworkers. Most will only share this with a select group of people, including their lovers, as they like to express their furry passions in the bedroom. It’s almost as if they lead a “double life.”

Unfortunately, many furries who share their love of “animal-ness” with others are mocked and harassed. When they talk to professionals, such as therapists or counselors, they are often treated for “being furry” instead of the real underlying problems.

Ultimately, furries are just part of a community that hasn’t quite found its footing yet. But there’s hope! Like many other communities that have come before, furries just need to wait for their moment of acceptance and understanding. Though we may have to wait a while before something like the “furry version” of 50 Shades of Grey comes along!  


Want to Give Your Fursona a Try?

Being a furry in the bedroom (and even out of it) isn’t anything to be ashamed of or find fault with, particularly if it brings you kinky joy or sexual pleasure. While it may take the rest of the world some time to come around to it, it is quickly becoming more understood and respected within the sexual community. There are plenty of toy options for those looking to bring their fursona to life in the bedroom, including vibrating bunny tails, floggers for fantasy play and even cute little masks that just hint at being a furry.


Explore the Furry Life – PinkCherry Is Here For It!

Sexual expression comes in all shapes, sizes and furs! So, feel free to be your furry self – a unicorn, a bunny or whatever else pleases you (and your partner, of course). Whether you’re expressing your erotic pleasure through your seductive fursona or keeping it simple, we’re here to support you with sexy role-play and dress-up options and plenty more. After all, furry or not, we’re all just looking to have a fun little romp between the sheets.


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