Fantasy C-Ringz Ultimate Couples Cage Review

For some couples, penis rings are a wonderful addition to time spent in the bedroom. However, the Fantasy C-Ringz Ultimate Couples Cage is a completely different sort of sex toy than the traditional penis ring. Designed to provide a secure, comfortable fit for the wearer, along with tons of orgasmic potential for women, it is a truly unique device.

Keep reading to learn more about the Fantasy C-Ringz Ultimate Couples Cage and find out whether it might be the right fit for your bedroom playtime.

How It Works

To start, the wearer puts the device on by putting the penis and testicles through the two rings of the toy. You can do this soft or hard, though many men may find it more comfortable to do one or the other. Try both and see what works best for you.

Once on, the device is worn like any similar penis ring and used during sex. Of course, this amazingly diverse toy is also great for foreplay, as the vibrations can send both partners to a near orgasmic state before the real fun even begins.

Vibrations Galore

What really sets this incredible toy apart from more standard competition is the vibrating parts of the device. Designed with a clit stimulator and vaginal stimulator, this toy provides some wild vibrations that many women just go crazy for.

The Fantasy C-Ringz Ultimate Couples Cage isn’t just a one trick pony though. The toy actually comes with an electronic controller that allows either partner to pick between three speeds and two-pulse functions. You can even cycle through them as you get to know what works during sex.

While the Fantasy C-Ringz Ultimate Couples Cage might be amazing for women, men absolutely love the vibrations as well.

Quality Materials and Build

Made from elite silicone that doesn’t pinch or drag, this waterproof, phthalate-free toy is made to last and is completely body safe. In a world where cheap sex toys dominate the market, that’s certainly an important thing for many couples.

Best of all, the Fantasy C-Ringz Ultimate Couples Cage will give you two hours of life with two AAA batteries. Buy rechargeable batteries and you’ll be able to keep the party going!

Worth Every Penny

There are tons of sex toys on the market, so if you’re like most consumers, you’re wary about most products that you find. Even if they look good, they aren’t always worth the cash you’ll shell out for them.

The Fantasy C-Ringz Ultimate Couples Cage is worth every single penny that you’ll pay for it. Guys love it and women go wild from the vibrations and orgasms made possible by this toy.

Whether you’re shopping for a first toy or yet another to add to your growing collection, you can’t go wrong with the Fantasy C-Ringz Ultimate Couples Cage.


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