Erect Penis Shown on British TV for the First Time

A documentary entitled Me and My Penis premiered on Channel 4 on August 31, marking the first time an aroused penis has been allowed to be shown on broadcast television in the U.K. A total of eight erections are featured in the show.

Both cis and trans men speak openly about their experiences with their penis, not just about arousal but also about fears, injury, and other realities of having a penis. The show is headed by artist Ajamu, who took photos of the men (and their penises) who are part of the documentary.

Technically, “aroused penises” still aren’t allowed on British television, but because of the nature of the program, they were able to work around that rule. It’s not shown for sexual or titillating purposes which helped make it acceptable within the current rules.

From the show description: “Men talk openly about their penis, the realities of sex, masturbation, and erections. They also tell of infertility, violence and sexual abuse, as they question taboos around the penis.” The show is currently available to stream online.

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