Eight Sex Apps You Can Download Now

It should come as no surprise in the digital age that even sex has an app. Gone are the days of flipping through Cosmopolitan for sexy ideas as you can now download them right to your smartphone!

So, what exactly are sex apps? Simply put, they aim to facilitate better sex and, at Jack and Jill, we are always on board for that. Read on for our top eight sex app picks.

1. Pillow: The epitome of “Netflix and chill,” this app allows you to watch episodes that take you on a sexual journey of suggestive sex acts. It’s far more intriguing than reruns of The Office!

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2. Sexulator: Ideal for anyone who’s sexually active, regardless of relationship status, Sexulator lets you track every detail of your sex life—from the not-so-sexy medical data to the last time you gave oral sex. Whether you want to keep a record of personal conquests or are trying to conceive, Sexulator is the king of sex apps.

3. Love Sparks: A to-do list of sorts, Love Sparks is the gamification of your sex life. Couples who have curious young ones at home needn’t worry—the app is password protected so phone-stealers can’t see your dirty deeds. Use Love Sparks for new positions, role playing, and everyday sex challenges.

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4. Flirtmoji:  Not an app per se, however, Flirtmjoi allows you to sext better by providing a carousel of sex-emojis you won’t find on your iPhone keyboard. From handcuffs to stiff erections and perky breasts, Flirtmoji requires a simple copy and paste.

5. Kindu: This naughty app suggests sex acts for you and your partner while revealing only what the two of you approve. Fantasies are no longer a potentially embarrassing topic of conversation with this matching mojo facilitator!

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6. UnderCovers: Similar to Kindu, the UnderCovers app removes the barrier of rejection when it comes to sharing your deepest, kinkiest fantasies. Walk through the questions separately and become notified of matches—that is, only the acts you both want to play out. There’s even a “maybe” category for those fantasies that require a bit more discussion.

7. OhMiBod blueMotion: Ever used your phone as a—ahem—toy? Sync this sex app up with your favorite vibrator and let your long distance lover control it remotely. Chat as you play—either via text or audio. Sexting has never been more high tech!

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8. 3nder: Looking for a third party to join you and your lover between the sheets? Looking to be that third party? With 3nder, the elusive female “unicorn” (as they’re commonly referred to in the group sex world), is front and center in this Tinder-like sex app.

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Need a new toy to fulfill that newly-discovered fantasy from one of our recommended sex apps? Shop Jack and Jill directly from your phone. We have a feeling you won’t be putting it down anytime soon!

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