Do Penis Pumps Really Work?

Do Penis Pumps Really Work?  


Now for the eternal penis-related question: Does size matter? In the end, the question is really, does it matter to you? There’s no objective answer, and the fact is that the freedom to play with or work with your body — and your penis — is your birthright. You get to do whatever penis exercise you want! 

But if you are a newbie (or at least entertaining the thought) to using penis pumps, naturally you have a bunch of questions, such as:

How to use a penis pump?

Are penis pumps safe?

What are the best penis enlargement pumps?

Whether you’ve just been curious about penis pumps or you’re looking to address something like how to improve erectile dysfunction,” being able to increase your penis size, or get a harder erection, you’re in luck. We’re diving into the world of penis pumps, and it’s going to be, shall we say, stimulating. 😉


What’s the short answer on whether penis pumps work?

Using a penis pump can be an effective way of getting and achieving full, delicious, erections. And a penis pump can get you results without some penis enlargement surgery, a penile implant, penile injection, or other male enhancement pill or techniques. Plus, depending on the model of penis pump you choose, they’re also quite cost-effective.

Before you even ask, no, a penis pump is not a penis extender. To be clear, penis pumps don’t function as permanent penis extenders and will not ultimately increase your penis length. In other words, they won’t boost your penis size nor penis length forever, but when used properly they will help with your erection and, thus, for many penis-owners, sexual intercourse. And who doesn’t want that?


What can penis pumps do?

For penis-owners who’ve lost the ability to have natural erections, are dealing with erectile dysfunction, or just want to have more erections (cuz that’s always fun!), penis pumps can be a great tool. 

Put simply, the penis pump will pull blood into your penis, giving you the ability to get full, hard erections. This can make sex even better, and also give you more of a sense of control over your hard-ons. 

Again, penis pumps are not magic male enhancement pills that will conjure up a bigger penis; if permanent penile enlargement is your overall goal, this won’t get you there. However, they will help you rock what you’ve already got — your very own natural penis will be nice and erect.


How do penis pumps actually work?

How does a penis pump work, exactly? It is, essentially, a vacuum constriction device (VCD). You insert the vacuum erection device over your penis (you can start with a flaccid penis or a partially-erect one), pressing it firmly against your body to create an air-tight seal.

Air is then sucked out of the tube either physically or mechanically. This just means you engage the device manually, or it does it for you (like a blow-up mattress that you can pump up yourself, or use a built-in pump). Once suction is created, blood is pulled into the blood vessels in your penis, giving you that satisfying, large, full effect you desire on top of the harder erection

Want to have that erection stick around? A great idea is to put on an appropriately-sized constriction ring (cock ring) to limit blood flow back into your penis. You can think of a cock ring as the Robin to the penis pump’s Batman — it backs up the awesomeness that’s being created and makes Batman look good while doing it. You don’t need to use a cock ring, but your erection will last longer with one. In some cases, much longer.

Are penis pumps safe? Are there any precautions you should take?

The short answer is yes, using a penis enlargement device is safe if used properly and for the correct amount of time. Cock rings are also safe, though they need to be the right size, so they don’t constrict the blood flow around your penile tissue too much. Too much constriction can lead to numbness, bruising, and overall discomfort — all things you assuredly don’t want happening to your precious penis.

In terms of the penis pump, you also want to make sure you’re not generating too much negative pressure on your penis. Too much negative pressure in the vacuum chamber can lead to bleeding, especially if you’re on blood thinners, have a blood disorder, or have a history of blood clots. According to the Mayo Clinic, “A vacuum pump can make a penis look larger temporarily. But using one too often or too long can damage elastic tissue in the penis, leading to less firm erections.”

It’s also recommended that you don’t use a cock ring longer than 20 minutes for the safety and health of your penile tissue.

If you’re concerned about whether a penis pump is right for you, given health concerns, you should consult your general practitioner. Remember that your sexual health, vitality, and joy are important. It doesn’t need to be an embarrassing conversation — you have the right to a vibrant and enlivening sex life, and penis pumps can be a part of that!


Are there any possible weird or unexpected effects when it comes to using a penis pump?  

Glad you asked! This requires a little bit of an anatomy lesson, but it’s worth grasping.

You already know the penis includes the base, shaft, glans, and foreskin. What you might not know is that your erectile tissue consists of the corpus cavernosa — two columns of spongy tissue inside the shaft. The corpus cavernosa makes up most of the penis, and it’s the part that has the blood vessels that fill up with blood to help generate the desired erection. This is basically what the penis pump helps with — filling up your corpus cavernosa.

Now, your penis also has something called the suspensory ligament, which holds it close to the pubic bone. Basically the suspensory ligament supports your penis when it’s erect. And when you use a penis pump, that part doesn’t engage in the same way as with a natural erection.

The result? When you use a penis pump, the base of your penis won’t get stiff, leading to a somewhat unnatural-feeling erection. The lack of firmness at the base means your penis will be able to rotate or pivot more than with a natural erection (i.e., your cock may be a bit more floppy at the base than you’re used to). 


How long do the effects of a penis pump last?

Your mileage may vary, but when a penis pump is used properly, you should expect to get about 30 minutes out of your nice hard erection, especially if you pair it with a cock ring. (Without a cock ring, your erection may last less than 30 minutes.)


How often can you use a penis pump?

Multiple times a day. Hat trick, anyone? 😉

Really though, using a penis pump is overall much safer than getting prostate surgery, penis surgery, implants, or medications. The side effects of penis pumps are minimal with proper use. You might get some slight bruising around the base of your penis due to the pressure of the pump, but your body will get acclimated to that over time.


How do you know which penis pump is best?

There’s a wide variety of penis pumps, with various levels of complexity. As previously mentioned, there are both manual penis pumps and ones that will do the suction part for you. Manual ones are usually lower cost and can be a great way to dip your toe in the water. This classic one is less than $15 and has a quick-release valve.

Many penis-owners swear by water penis pumps, which are a great option since they apply pressure evenly around the penis. They’re also fun because you can use them in the bath or shower. Imagine upping the ante by showering together with different types of sex toys that suck … but in all the right ways. 😉

The Hydromax is one of the best-selling water penis pumps around, with rave reviews from penis-owners worldwide (it has been used by men in over 90 countries). 

There are also combination penis pump/stroker adult sex toys, which combine pleasure with the pump action. The PDX Elite Extender, for example, includes three different modes of suction and five modes of deep vibration. Good vibrations indeed!

How to Use a Penis Pump:

A penis pump typically consists of a cylinder, a pump mechanism, and a release valve. Understanding the components and their functions will help you use the pump with confidence and minimize any potential risks.

Step 1: Preparing for Use

To begin, ensure that your penis pump is clean and in good working condition. We recommend washing it with warm water and mild soap before and after each use. Dry it completely to prevent any moisture buildup that could lead to bacterial growth.

Step 2: Apply Lubrication

Just like you would for any other sexual activity, apply a water-based lubricant to the base of your penis before inserting it into the cylinder. This lubrication will enhance the effectiveness of the pump while minimizing the risk of friction or irritation.

Step 3: Insertion and Pumping

Gently insert your erect or semi-erect penis into the cylinder, ensuring a comfortable fit. Hold the cylinder firmly against your body to create a seal. Begin pumping slowly, allowing the vacuum to gradually draw blood into the penile tissues. Take breaks between pumps to avoid excessive pressure buildup, and remember not to over-pump, as this can cause discomfort or potential injury.

Remember to prioritize your comfort, monitor the pressure, and gradually increase your usage to ensure a safe and pleasurable experience. With proper usage and care, a penis pump can become a valuable addition to your sexual wellness routine, offering enhanced sensations and heightened pleasure.

Can penis pumps help with erectile dysfunction or Peyronie’s disease?

Yes! Penis pumping is a great option for erectile dysfunction treatment / ED treatment or for those dealing with Peyronie’s disease.

When it comes to erectile dysfunction treatment, penis exercise — getting the penis filled with blood — is always helpful. Experts believe that one of the fundamental causes of erectile dysfunction is the lack of natural penis exercise (and lack of nighttime erections). Penis exercise like using a penis pump can help. No need to take a nitric oxide pill (for those that don’t know, nitric oxide is the chemical that relaxes the penis and sustains an erection). But how do you exercise your penis? You can start by trying some jelqing exercises, which is a penis stretching exercise.

Research also shows that for those with Peyronie’s disease, a penis pump can effectively restore penile function. It’s safe to use in all stages of Peyronie’s disease and has been shown to stabilize the curvature of your cock. The use of penis pumps can even reduce the number of men who go on to penile augmentation, penile prosthesis, or prostate surgery.

Penile rehabilitation is real, y’all.


Is there anything else you can do to help increase or improve function when using a penis pump?

Here are a few tips to improve your erectile function while using a penis pump: 

1. Get a penile pump that’s the right size. You’ve got a unique penile length and girth, and you need a penis pump that fits you. If it’s too big, the vacuum penis pump won’t fit properly. Too small, and you just won’t be able to get your penis in there. Luckily, some manufacturers divulge the size of the cylinders, so to buy the right size, might as well measure your girth.

2. Get a constriction ring (aka penis ring) that’s the right size. Same thing — your cock ring needs to fit your cock. Sometimes cock rings and penis pumps are sold together, and if the ring that comes with your pump doesn’t fit right, absolutely get another one that fits your member better.

3. Take a test drive. Before using your erection with a partner, try it out yourself! Test out your penis pump and see how it goes, and remember step #4: 

4. Have fun and keep your sense of humor. Let’s face it — sexual intercourse is weird! Weird stuff happens, and the body can do funny things. See it all as an adventure rather than something shameful. Above all, remember that your sexual health and vitality are important, and that you’re meant to have fun in the process of having good sex. 


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